Questions about donations:

What are our gifts?

We regularly present humanitarian projects in progress on the site. If you do not specify a preference, your donation will be used primarily to carry out the humanitarian project "ongoing" we wish to carry out. It can also help pay for studies to one (or a) deserving young.
But in all cases it will fill an urgent need.

Should I be a member of the association to give?

no, if you make an exceptional or one-off donation you do not have to contribute to the association if you do not wish to. Not against if you wish to sponsor we will ask you to join us in the association because we will incur costs for the management of the sponsorship. (transfer costs, stamps, administrative costs ....)

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How can I be sure that my money goes there?

that ... it's very easy: Content

  • We publish and collect a number of documents easily prove our shipments:
    • We send mail each semester a detailed statement of donations and sponsorships (in euros and rupees) that I put at the disposal of each member.
    • Bank receipts: We make a copy of the transfer order (stamped by the bank), and find the accounting lines on the bank statements
    • Our accounting: we break down each expenditure linked to the total.
    • On site: We ask the thanks received sent by the sisters, copies of invoices of purchases on the spot ....
  • We do not publish all this evidence on the site for the sake of confidentiality between sponsors, but the filing cabinets that bring together the documents are available to members (during assemblies and meetings) or on request ...

Can I choose what it will be used?

As I mentioned above ... yes you can indicate a preference for using your donation.
Ask us what is the current Urgent need if you like ...

How do you know that the money really helps children rather than used to unscrupulous adults?

  • We have put in place procedures, and "locks" to guard against this kind of drift:
  • We work with Indian Carmelites (religious order known for his uprightness).
  • We call reports, photos, copies of invoices regularly
  • We had written agreements to regulate our exchanges.
  • We go on site regularly (at our cost!) To check up on our agreements are executed.

If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to ask us: By email: 

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