Questions about the association

Why India? Why precisely these regions?

We work in South India with the Carmelites of St. Teresa. It was chance that one day put on the road to Isabelle Indian Carmelite named Sister Immaculata working in this region.

Why sponsor with a small structure like you rather than large international organizations?

  • We have assets that large organizations usually do not but must adhere to the same ethical rules
  • Our main strengths:
    • our reactivity, being a small structure, the Board of Directors are often in contact by email or telephone.
    • Information flows easily, so we can make decisions quickly over the events.
    • Knowledge of terrain: We work in 4 centers that we know well.
    • Children and their families know us well because we're in India very regularly. We hear from each and we see them grow ...
    • The relationship with our members in Europe is personalized. We even forged friendships with some.

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I have no info on the team Immaculata. Do you have premises? Who are you and how are you?

We do not have a reception area for the public or have an employee, which allows us to considerably reduce operating costs.
Isabelle Bourvis president will respond to your email or phone 0687752892.
You can go to the page "Who Are We?"For more information.

Are you a recognized organization of general interest? Will I benefit from the exemption of 66% on my taxes?

Yes we are a so-called charitable organization and we received the official tax ruling which allows us to issue donation receipts for you (especially) receive a tax deduction 66% of donations within the limits of the legal ceiling .
(For companies the allowance is 60%).

How to check what is really happening there?

Children letters, receipts of remittances, purchase invoices copies the sisters sent us may constitute evidence.
We receive reports and accounts of work done, and photos.
You can also go on site the sisters will be happy to show you the accounts of your friend if you ask.
We regularly go (at our cost!) To meet the children and check the accounts.

If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to ask us: By email: 

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