Some ANSWERS to QUESTIONS you may be asking yourself ...


Why stop the association?


 For several years, during Assemblies and in private, I have been looking for volunteers among our members to help me on a daily basis and take responsibility by my side. For honorable and indisputable reasons, people close to my home cannot help me. Martine (Treasurer) and Christine (Secretary General), my very loyal friends have both moved. They can no longer help me on a daily basis as they have done in the past. This is how, for several years, I have carried out the vast majority of administrative and financial tasks. Each decision to be made is always taken in agreement with them thanks to our almost weekly communications. 

I am finishing my sixtieth year, I am tired, my life is changing, I have less energy and motivation to work on my own. Everyday work is becoming more and more complex. 

A few years ago, Mrs. Caroline Lequien, in charge of the CFPE (renamed France Parrainages) suggested that I take over the sponsor-child couples of the association since she also works with our sisters and knows the children. 

She also knows our association perfectly, since it was she who helped me create Immaculata 15 years ago. 

Thanks to this offer from France Parrainages and at my request, on December 2, 2019 the Board of Directors unanimously voted to dissolve the association and offers to continue helping your sponsored child with France Parrainages. 

Why this dissolution?

Legally to stop an association it must be dissolved.
The dissolution process involves the appointment of liquidators (usually appointed from among the officers for convenience). Liquidators who will perform the actions necessary for the closure. For example the closing of bank accounts, termination of contracts, allocation of the bonus (final balance) or other procedures in accordance with the instructions of the Extraordinary General Meeting. This process, well framed by this Assembly, will allow us to dissolve the Association, as we have created and administered it: in a legal and clear manner.
It is really essential that you vote to help us in these steps.


As I explained above, the fact that France Parrainages, through Caroline Lequien (their responsible for international sponsorship worldwide actions), agreed to welcome us with our godchildren was decisive in our decision to dissolve on December 2. France Parrainages is a French association created in 1947 under the name of Cbetween FFrench from Protection ofEchildhood to help children after the war. 
Today, France-Parrainage operates in France and in 13 countries by organizing sponsorships and humanitarian actions to help nearly 17 children and their families. It is an association recognized by the label "Don in confidence" for 000 years (

According to their 2018 results (available on their website): 8% of donations are dedicated to operating costs, and 9% to fundraising costs. The rest is dedicated to social missions 21% in France and 62% abroad.
The “world sponsorship” team consists of 4 people helped by volunteers and young people in Civic Service. She is super efficient and very dedicated. In India, among others, she works with “our” CSST sisters. The team maintains this personalized bond that we also cultivate with families.
If you have any questions for the sisters about the family you are helping, do not hesitate to contact them.
During our various stays on site since 2005, Caroline and I often exchanged information and services with the sisters. In France, Caroline gave me precious advice to organize our association. We have adapted our strategies and actions to remain in harmony with their working methods. It is for all these reasons that today I can recommend this association on a human scale, to continue the adventure with your godchild (s).

HOW TO CONTINUE to Sponsor your godchild?

Mrs. Caroline Lequien has put a special page on their site for us, sponsors of Immaculata:

You can register now because
Payment for the sponsorship of your goddaughter will only start from July 2020 at France Parrainages.
Until June 2020 inclusive, please pay Immaculata for sponsorship of your sponsored child (ies).

When Caroline receives your registration, I will send her the file of your child (ren)
She will contact you to confirm the sponsorship and contact you.
If you have questions, requests, information, payment frequency preferences, etc.
Do not hesitate to call, mentioning that you come from the Immaculata association and that you are continuing your sponsorship with France Parrainages. Call Madame Caroline Lequien on 01 43 90 63 23 or send her an email: 

The sponsorship conditions at France-Parrainages?

29 € / month. Your donation really costs you only 9,83  after tax reduction (reduction of € 19,17 for 20% of taxable income). No contribution the first year (30 € in 2019).

France Parrainages will send 75% of your donation to the sisters: i.e. € 21,75. 

They will send you a receipt for tax services from what they have received directly from you.

The 2019 guide of France-Sponsorships:

Who are they ? their dedicated page

Until when can I send Donations to Immaculata?

Until the end of June. The liquidation period will start in early July.

Do you want to make an exceptional donation to children's homes, your godchild and his family?

So that we can send it in its entirety… do it before the end of June, indicating the destination of the donation.

Your Immaculata 2020 donation receipt?

You will receive it with the last Betel sheet (liquidation) and your donation receipt for all that we will have received from you in 2020.

For Immaculata donors what to do?

 You are a donor you can make donations to France-Parrainages. Request that they be sent to the CSSTs in Kerala.

The godfathers of Immaculata who know France-Parrainages well

For 20 years, Joëlle and Jean-Yves have sponsored in parallel through the CFPE and through Immaculata. Joëlle sent me her testimony posted on the site (below).

Other Sponsors / Godmothers, such as MARC, Béatrice (deceased) and Dominique are former sponsors of the CFPE.


See you soon… at France-Parrainages


Isabelle Bourvis (always at your disposal for a question…. 0687752892).

Joëlle's testimony:

Email of 9/03/2020.

I have sponsored a little Indian girl thanks to Immaculata since the beginning of the foundation of this association, and at the same time I have also sponsored a child with the France Parrainage association for over twenty years, I know its director Caroline Lequien, always attentive the well-being and monitoring of children. France Parrainage works in the same way as Immaculata, always in direct contact with the convent sisters, whether in Goa or in Kerala or other region of India. We regularly have the follow-up sheet for children and of course the whole family context, often demonstrating great distress for these children before being placed and made safe in the institutions supported by France Parrainage.

For my part, I continue to sponsor a little Indian girl with France Parrainage, and the one I sponsor with Immaculata will be transferred to the good care of France Parrainage and so I will continue to sponsor her.

Joëlle C.