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We send all donations on site (sponsorship gifts or humanitarian)

----- No commission or booking fees ----

We got the tax ruling which entitles to tax deductions for donors.

Donate ...... this is the best way to HELP children.



1) Donate:

  • It kind of gift?
    • An occasional gift.
    • Regular donations.
  • Means of payment :

2) Tax Deductions:

    • For individuals
    • For companies
    • received annual donations
    • tax ruling
    • as you receive donation receipts?

3) The most frequently asked questions about donations:

    • Can I choose his job, his destination?
    • How can I check that the donation is used as I wish?
    • Do I adhere to donate? ... NO!

1) Donate:

  • It kind of gift?

    • An occasional gift.

As you wish ... the amount you want ... It will be sent in its entirety ---- we do not take intermediate costs ...
the fastest payment method for an exceptional gift: Online payment.
Tax receipt: You will receive in March a received occasional gifts you paid in the previous calendar year.

    • Regular donations.

Whenever you want ... the amount you want ... They will be sent in full ---- we do not take any administrative or administrative fees.

the simplest means of payment for regular donations: voluntary deposit (this is not a levy) is that you control your donations ... you do the transfer and you stop as you wish. .. you are independent.
Tax receipt: You will receive in March a received occasional gifts you paid in the previous calendar year.

Means of payment :

    • Online payment by the site BNP PARIBAS
      We joined the online payment services of this bank (online payments known for their safety).

    • Cheque: payable to: "Immaculata Association" to send to the headquarters of the Association 2 92500 Anastasia Ave Ste Rueil-Malmaison.
    • Money order: the order of: "Immaculata Association" to send to the headquarters of the Association 2 92500 Anastasia Ave Ste Rueil-Malmaison.
    • Bank transfers (internet or manual): We have been victims of hackers who have stolen our account number to make fraudulent payments, We communicate our contact reasoned application:
    • Cash: If you know a member of the board and you give him your donation directly !!! (Do not send cash in the mail ... we will not be responsible for its theft or loss ...)

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2) Tax Deductions:

In Europe, according to the country of your residence, you can qualify for a tax deduction on your donations to the Immaculata Association (France, Germany, ...)

We received permission to be affiliated to the taxation of associations and therefore you benefit from a tax deduction in accordance with the law (we have a tax ruling on this)

Examples for individuals and French residents:

      • For individuals :
        The tax exemption on donations of 66% in ceiling 20% of your taxable income. (Doc adm 7G-261, No. 20 26 to the 1er July 1987 -.. General Tax Code).
        Examples of tax deduction (if the total amount of donations to associations is less than 20% of your taxable income).
        If you give 20€ the Immaculata Association, less tax you will finally paid that  € 8,80.
      • For companies :
        The deduction is 60% in 5p.mille limit of turnover.
        Article 238 bis of the General Tax Code: Modified by Decree n ° 2010-421 of April 27, 2010 - art. 11. Entitled to a tax reduction equal to 60% of their amount the payments, taken within the limit of 5 per thousand of turnover, made by companies subject to income tax or to the corporate tax for the benefit of: ...... B) Foundations or associations recognized as being of public utility or museums in France and meeting the conditions set in a, as well as religious or charitable associations and public establishments recognized cults of Alsace-Moselle. ..........

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      • Annual donations received for a tax deduction.
        The authorization to issue donation receipts:
        We have taken the necessary steps with the Nanterre tax services to obtain authorization to issue donation receipts for tax deduction purposes. In return, we have received a tax ruling which gives the specific terms to which we adhere and which authorize us to issue these receipts.
        The members may review this tax ruling in "party members"
        When we send? 
        Every year, in March of the year following the donation. We issue and send the received donations from the past year. Example: 2011 we issued receipts for the gifts we have received in 2010.
        If you want a donation receipt before this date, please contact us.

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3) Frequently Asked Questions:

    • Can I choose its destination, its job?
      You can, if you wish, we ask that they are assigned to one of the following destinations:
      The gift "general" - occasional gift:
      • Unrestricted donations are precious.
        We can, if necessary, decide and assign them to an unexpected urgent action
        If you do not specify a particular destination donation will be considered a "general donation" unaffected.
      • Donations "humanitarian aid" (occasional or regular donations):
        Every year we set up one or more specific project to help children.
        The discover of the "ongoing actions" All the money raised for this purpose is sent to the realization of the local project.
        You can request that your donation be allocated to a particular destination of ongoing projects ... (on the online payment page, there is a field for this purpose, "the gifted").
      • Donations of Referrals (regular donations):
        Sponsorship donations are sent twice a year to our correspondents. They are used to allow one or more children to follow his education to give him the means to forge a future. To undertake a sponsorship (collective or individual), you can discover the chapter "Sponsorships".
    • Employment verification of your donation:
      We can provide members and donors filing a "traceability on site" (under the law). We consign copies of receipts of expenditures on site and reporting works or achievements there.
      For individual sponsorships we regularly ask the statement of accounts for each child.
    • To donate should we join or not join the association?
      We wish to dissociate the funds allocated for gifts for children and funds that allow the association to live (management fees): the annual fee. We send all monies allocated to sponsorships and humanitarian aid.
      • For occasional donation: If you are an occasional contributor, you have no obligation.
      • For regular donations: We offer regular donors to join the association (12 € for the year). This contribution allows us to cover the costs of ongoing management of the association.

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