Sponsorship of a group of children in foster homes - (Children's Home)

This sponsorship is for You if you want your donation to benefit a group of children.

Sponsorship of children in foster homes, can provide the means to build their future children can not grow up in their family of origin.
And foster children (of all religions or origins) go to school and eat their fill thanks to sponsors and donations.

Today you can participate in the education of 254 children in 4 children's homes (orphanages), 3 in Kerala and one in Tamil Nadu.


It is thanks to private donations that children can be accommodated.

YOU CAN HELP today, now ... by making a donation immediately by secure interface to our database or becoming a sponsor of a children's home.



Who are the children allowed in children's homes?

Have only girls because the government does not accept diversity in schools. As were the Carmelites (femmes!) who manage the houses they can only accommodate girls. against by schools are mixed (usually until 1ère).

Children welcome from families who can not give them the minimum vital. They are often left to their fate in the streets of their residential area (an illustrative example of the movie "slumdog Millionaire").

In general, these houses hosting an average of 10% of orphans. But sometimes ... home children "Little Flower" welcome Kottayam (school year 2010_2011) 57 18 children are orphans. more than 31%!

The families of these children are extremely poor. parents often have no fixed workplace or earn a pittance for the great days of work. These salaries do not allow them to feed their children. (For example, we often encounter the case in Valparai in Tamil Nadu.

Men and women in the region are working from morning till night in the tea plantations. The salary of a tea picker working up all day with a break 10 minutes to eat lunch is about 80 rupees a day. Must spend in this region 430 rupees to buy rice / month / 4pesonnes! and can not eat that rice!. I do not count the possible location of a house with a room or two in this area: 1 500 rupees!

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Sisters how they recruit children?

There is no rule ... Are often helpless families who come to attend their parish or directly to the orphanage.

Sometimes the children themselves who make the approach to escape fate threatening. To be enrolled in schools and accommodated in children's homes classic children must be young enough not too marked by the street .... and to have an almost normal schooling

The sisters also host street girls older who want to get off the streets and learn to read. (I visited two of this style in Tamil Nadu.)
The Carmelites organize self-defense courses for young people and give them a minimum of "knowledge" so that they can claim for minimum wages.

We see this problem in the least because this is the Kerala state the least year-alphabet of India. The poor are victims of their caste, or have no resource of coastal fishermen.

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Where are welcomed children we sponsor?

We sponsor children 4 children's homes:

For more details and pictures on each Orphanage

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How to get new children ....

Twice a year, groups of children from the orphanage builds a nice letter that describes flanges their lives. They are always joined leases drawings. We transmit copies of circular letters to sponsors (via email or mail).

The sponsor is not obliged to write (like the individual sponsorship but if he has time ... girls love to receive postcards with two or three nice words ...

If you want a definite answer on the lives of the children you sponsor, we can send the same question to our mail we will respond as soon as possible ... this at any time! because each center now has a computer connected to the internet (often an antique!)

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A What are your gifts?

We send all your donations. The money received is used to fund childcare in institutions. (Buy food, school supplies, clothes, ...)

For example: To live a child in the orphanage "Little Flower" for a month, it takes about 26 €.
The Kerala government subsidizes monthly 2,58 € the life of a child. The sisters must find absolutely every month equivalent to € 1 100,74 47 girls live for a month.

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The sponsor is he committed?

It is he who decides ... ! The sponsor may make an exceptional gift or just regular donations by becoming a sponsor. The day he decides to stop he warns us by email if possible, two months before his departure that we try to find another sponsor .... and that we prevent the center manager that does not rely on its participation in the operating budget of the foster home.

How to?

We propose to give the sponsor 20 € per month minimum ....
We send 100% of donations twice a year with other sponsorships.

YOU CAN HELP today, now ... by making a donation immediately by secure interface to our database or becoming a sponsor of a children's home. Become a Sponsor girls in foster homes ... contact us: Contact address


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