1ère my meeting with my godson Femi Rose

February 2013:

I can not wait to leave for India, it will be my 3ème travel in this wonderful country that I miss every time I go! But this year, it is of particular face because I will meet my goddaughter Femi Rose for 1ère time.

24 February: this is it my friends and myself arrived at Cochin 5 days after a stroll in the state of Tamil Nadu. It's hot, sweaty Indian envelops us, the smells and flavors of spices are familiar to us now. We stay in Fort Cochin (the old colonial part of the city) in a guesthouse at 20 minutes by boat from the place of the festival organized by the association and the Sisters of St Theresa Convent. In our cases, lots of goodies ranging from balloon to inflate, soap bubbles tubes, crayons and coloring book, to small jewelry and other "ponies". I'm feverish, I put my last purchase, a pretty Indian tunic and white pants, I do not want to disappoint Femi Rose ... The RV is set at 10h. We arrived a little late having missed the boat of 9h35.
All families are there and I Isabelle landmark, sitting at a table trying to confirm attendance.
Suddenly, in the distance, I see a little girl come to me ... she recognized me! She throws herself into my arms and then I feel overcome with emotion! How pretty she is beautiful in her colorful dress! She is accompanied by her mother and her brothers 2 who stand in the background, as if they did not hinder our meeting.


I recognize there the discretion of the Indians ... I take her hand and we head into the room where the party is held. Femi Rose is very lively and very smiling, she does not seem shy. I think she should be happy to have his godmother with it and certainly very proud! Throughout the show she will continue to play with the balloon and bubbles savon..hum um ... I feel almost guilty for having diverted his attention from the party when other children dance or sing!

With his mom who does not speak a word of English, we can only exchange glances and smiles ... shame, but that's a lot! During the festival the French matrons and patrons are in the spotlight, their videos are projected and distributed gifts. As for us, we received a welcome worthy of a head of state: on the stage of the children come gird our necks a white stole welcome followed by thunderous applause !!! What emotion!

The festival ends with a meal for the family and it is time for us to leave.
I do not know when I'll see my little Indian but your image alive now and not only on photo paper, will continue to fill my mind and heart with joy and tenderness!