What's your name?

Wake to 7h30, all stood in 7hoo, the breakfast bar is quickly swallowed: pancake and omelette kind or masala.

Finally there it is, from the time that we expect this time, we drive to the ST TERESA school. All four we certainly imagined this encounter hundreds of times. Siby our driver weaves through traffic just as dense. Here we come to college: we see a parade of girls in colorful clothes. Then we meet Sister Maria José, busy manager other seminar return sisters.

After several presentations, we take the road towards Vypeen, part of Kerala's poorest and has benefited least from the economic boom.

At school we are presented with some mistresses then leads us to a small office !! They fetch ASHMY: Hello shy, embarrassed for her and for us. ROMAN HUGO and are increasingly timid.

then we will visit the classes; In our view, this is the crowd: "What's your name? "" What's your name? ". All 4, we'll hear a hundred times. They all want to be photographed. The distribution of promotional pens that we had harvested is unique; you'd think they distribute banknotes.

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We are entitled to the traditional singing of schoolchildren:

the little ones, the boys with HUGO th p1000457
and girls classmate ASHMY with ROMANCE.

They are five close-knit friends, calling themselves "Angel's army" Staniya, chathanaya, Abhiramy, Rosemol and Ashmy Maria.
It takes a picture of friends 5 and 5 promises to send copies.

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End of recess, which lasted a little longer than expected!
Everyone except Ashmy class that takes us home;
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We sink deeper into the island, in ways that tourists are not accustomed to visit.
We take a small path between palm trees and puddles.

We were received by the parents of Ashmy Ashish and his little sister 5 years.
They offer us a coconut and a few biscuits.
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We give them some presents: Medal of heavy, soaps and other beauty products ... Siby, remained in the car, also entitle the coconut juice.

We're a little embarrassed by the precariousness of the place: cinderblock wall and strip of cloth as a roof: we imagine how was the storm of the day before ...

We leave with Sr Maria Jose, Ashmy, Ashish and their mother toward the commercial life of Kochi. Our van is full.

Step a very British clothing store on 6 floors: jewelry, clothes all neatly arranged with three or 4 sellers ray, a string of color on each shelf.

The three girls will soon dressed, each choosing its color and gloss, the choice is difficult.
Ashmy knows only take one feels dawn her adolescent desires.
Romane attracts the attention of some vendors who want to know everything about her: "What's your name? "She has a right small dot pantyhose at the Third Eye, and a nice outfit with tunic, pants and scarf.

It is already 14 pm as after good shopping session: hungry.

We invite everyone ate including Siby very nice of us have carried the day.
This is a great restaurant, Parisian brasserie style.
The family of Ashmy is a bit shy and not used to this kind of place.
We are actually doing in the contrast: with our forks and they with their five fingers.
Our children are surprised to see the room as well. Ashish devours its flat glued to his mother.

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A photo in front of the restaurant and we go for shopping. We end clothing at BATA (!!!).
The sister tempers ASHMY's ardor: “no heel”. Everyone buys their flip flops.

End of the session, it is already 16h00. We left at a bus stop, we kiss everyone again towards his destiny.
It is hard to decipher their feelings, even if we guess miles thanks.
The large round eyes ashmy speak louder than words.

It often takes Romane and Hugo by the hand or arm,
a bit like a big sister.
It's a little by now: their big sister of the end of the world!

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the car door is closed: everyone wedge in his seat, thinking of the questions that has not asked or because we miss the words in a language other than ours, or because did not dare.

All four, we know only a Malayalam word is "Nandi" mean thank you ...

then Nandi Sr. José Maria, Siby and Immaculata for this day full of emotion.

Fabrice, Isabelle and Hugo Romane

MERCI Fabrice, Isabelle and Hugo Romane

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