Shared emotions Carolina:

  • The first story, describes the appointment of families in Cochin on the first Saturday of the month.
  • The second testimony describes the short trip to orphanages Carolina Kottayam here

    Caroline, a patron of the association was our special place in 2007.

She stayed a few months at the University of St Teresa's Colege Cochin to conduct an internship Professor of French. She was able to soak up the local culture and see the work of Sisters in everyday life.
THANK YOU for all Carolina mails and news that you have given us during this period
Her role: through her emails, she will make us feel her emotions about her Indian experience. His testimonies will thus allow us to better understand children and daily life.

I am therefore follow two adventures she lived and she was kind enough to share with us ...
It IS very well written
CAROLINE ******* PLEASE ******

Email sent on November 12 2007
Report No. 1 - Arathee Cochin (RV Children and Sisters)

Caroline has attended monthly meetings for families convent sponsorships.
Testimony on theose monthly meetings (1er Saturday of the month) at the convent where each family has sponsored child to the sisters, If all goes well, the sister will give the family a part of the sponsorship money you pay.

Caroline makes up the eyes of a girl who could be your friend (the) ..

A delight reading *** ***

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Every first Saturday of each month, a meeting with the children sponsored by the association and other Immaculata association sponsorship takes place in the premises of St Teresa's College. This meeting is organized by the Sisters who take an iron hand their accounting and administration. Everything is done on paper. Children and their families can come between 9h and 13h. Children are often accompanied by their mothers and siblings. The Sisters moved to an office. One welcomes the second records the presence of the child in a register and record the sum. She keeps the accounts. The third gives the money to the family and is responsible for giving the child presents, letters and other correspondence received from France and elsewhere. The child takes the letter from the hands of Sister as a precious object with a wide smile ...
Then the child will sit on the benches provided for this purpose. And fetches a piece of paper to write, draw and respond to his godfather, his godmother.
What could be more expressive and more significant than child's drawing?

Story of a long-awaited morning

I'm Arathee I 7, I live Ernakulam. I just arrived by bus to St Teresa's College with my mom and my little sister. I live far away, so it's easier to take the bus. My dad now works like all other days of the week, I do not see often. My mom told me this morning to put my robe on Sunday because today I get my mail that comes from elsewhere. What is my godmother sent me this time? I can not wait to find out! So I made all beautiful, I am wearing. Mom even put bows white to go with my dress. It's pretty with my hair black. Mom also massaged hair this morning. Here we always do it with a little bit of coconut oil is good for hair health, and the health of all else! you know?
I see people waiting for their turn. I tail Sadisha with mom and my little sister. It is my turn comes! this is mine! oh Sister recognize me ... Hello. I smiles. To the Sisters I'm very shy ... She checkmark next to my name, I could read even upside down! and then she said "you got mail, and stand here 100Rs for you and your family. "Oh I'm so happy!! I took the letter in my hands and I'm very careful not to offend the ... yeah, it comes from France ... you go account, France?! It's like a treasure ....
I sit down with a smile, now I'll open the letter. It is in English. Mom, she can read and write English, fortunately, so she can help me. She read the letter: "Dear Arathee, all the family hope you are well ..." There are pictures of my family. Here there is a new baby. His name is Lucas. I'm glad to see my godmother photo. She also sent me stickers of all colors! Now it's my turn to write. I have applied. This is serious stuff, people who live in a country far far away will read what I write and see what I draw. I have applied. I have to give the best of myself. Like my neighbor responds in Malayalam, the sponsor must live in the area, it is easier .... though Malayalam is so complicated to learn! It seems that if one masters Malayalam, you can learn all the languages ​​of the world ... I would love to learn French later ... But I have to answer in English, but it was not long ago that I learn English to school while mom gives me a hand. She writes what I mean on a draft but it insists that I write with my own hand. Pff! sometimes I'm a bit lazy and I would like to write to me Mom. Sometimes I do not know what to say ... I also have so much to say ... where to start ... well I start:
"Dear godmother
Thank you very much for your letter and stickers that are very beautiful. I hope you and all your family are well. I also okay. I work hard at school, I got good marks in the final exams. I got sick last month. I had to go to the hospital. I had a high fever, my head hurt ... mom and dad were very worried about me. And then the doctor did a CT scan and gave me medication and I feel better now. My family will too. I got a new toy: a beautiful doll that sings "happy birthday to you! "I love it, it's my favorite doll. At school I teach yoga. Was compulsory courses and I practice ballet too. You know classical dance and traditional Indian? it is very beautiful but it is also very difficult. I have often train and then at the end of the month there is a competition at school. I must be the best. If I win I might be dancing to the Christmas party will be held in the school in front of everyone ... I'm scared ... I'm very happy to hear from you. Lucas is a beautiful baby, he looks a bit like my doll except that he is a boy and my doll is a girl! I hope you are all well, and thank you very much for your kindness. I think very highly of you and all of you my godmother. With love ... "
And to accompany the letter, I decided to draw a beautiful picture. Hmmm ... ah ... yes! a coconut tree and my home and my family J

After all that I give to a student who helps Sisters, she takes the letter and drawing and places them in a basket next to a young white woman. I rarely see foreigners so close. I look carefully. She is tall, her skin very white. It also has a beautiful smile. She asks me how I am and how I am. I look mom, she told me to stand up straight and answer. I am right, I put my hands behind my back and replied: "Arathee. I'm fine thank you! and you? "She asked me several questions, sometimes I do not understand his accent, then mom me repeat the question in Malayalam. Oh she wants to take my picture ... me? agree! I fix my hair quickly. Here I am ready. I smile .... Click ..... The photo is taken. She says it is for a website in France ... wow I'm a star! She asks if she can take a picture with me, mom and Sadisha. It's fun family pictures. She is nice. She takes pictures of other children too. She even took a picture of my drawing, it was certainly very pretty. It is also Internet?
And then it's time to leave. I met a friend from school. We talk, we talk and we still have many things to say, but mom tells me to go because she has to prepare the meal for lunch because Dad will be home soon from work. On leaving, I see a boy who is caught by a tailor measures. He must raise his arms and do stunts! The tailor takes measurements of arm, neck, body, legs and waist. This boy is going to have a new dress, a new suit. I look at it, maybe it will be me next time, who knows. Anyway, I always look forward to coming to St Teresa's College, and later as I would like to study French in this large and prestigious university. That's why I work hard at school. Thank you godmother

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Report No. 2

Report on Kottayam, places of presence of the sisters by their travails.
We sponsor Little Flower Orphanage collectively Centre St Joseph.
2008 humanitarian project to renovate the orphanage "St Joseph" Mount Carmel center.


Sister Marie with Zeena, last Thursday I went to Kottayam is about 80-90 km from Ernakulam but has 2h bus and it was a "fast car"! It was my 1er bus trip and .... It is very uncomfortable! the driver drives as usual ... I'll spare you the details! anyway here there are no laws, traffic rules are not respected. The people of Kerala are buying their license, they have very few hours of driving after passing the code. Some even lead since the age of 10 years! It seems that this is a specialty of Kerala ....
Purpose of travel: 2 visit orphanages for a project that help will be sent to the association Immaculata sponsoring children. We need to find funds to improve the lives of our girls.
These orphanages welcome only girls from disadvantaged backgrounds. Some have lost one or both parents, other parents have separated, so they live with the mother who has to work as a servant and often has neither the money nor the time to take care of their children to others live in families too poor to pay for school. Although for them, school is free, you must pay the uniform, books, business class and transport. 2 for orphanages, the admission procedure is somewhat similar. They must complete an application for admission to the school first. Then, if this is accepted, they may apply to be admitted to the orphanage which is a boarding school. It gives the girls education, housing and food. Sometimes these girls go home for the weekend or during school holidays. Sometimes they can not return due to lack of financial means. The family can not afford the bus trip. These orphanages survive thanks to donor support mainly and school. The government, meanwhile, gives only Rs 150 / child / month, which is less than € 3. This is largely insufficient even to suggest that a varied diet.
*     The orphanage "Little Flower" center St Joseph 50 welcomes girls to 7 17 years. All come from disadvantaged backgrounds, poor or very poor, often farming families. The majority of them come from Munnar, the tea plantation area. The girls have a very strict schedule they must meet. Thanks to donations from the association Immaculata tiles could be installed in the dorm and bathrooms. Everyone is very proud! the floor is not finished being installed in all the bathrooms but it is almost finished, and the sisters take care not to hang things too ....
*     The orphanage "St Joseph" center Mount Carmel : welcomes 105 young girls from 10 to 17 years old. This orphanage is presented under 3 main buildings, two of which are very old and very worn by time. One is reserved for a bathroom, a classroom, storage and study room. The second is used for the daily life of young girls: 1 dormitory, 1 common room which is used at night as a dormitory and during the day as a study and games room, 1 bathroom, 1 storage room for some of them (because each group of classes has its small room of a few square meters where they can store their suitcases and their personal belongings); the third building which has just been restored is reserved for meals. There is the kitchen and the refectory. The 2 cooks who work at the orphanage prepare the 3 daily meals over a wood fire. On the menu: rice, puttu in the morning, dosa, idly ...
The young girls stay in the orphanage between 7 and 10 years. At the age of 17, these young girls must leave the boarding school to start a new life. According to the Sisters, most of them return to their families and stop their studies to work as a domestic or as a saleswoman. Others go on and find the help they need to survive. Others will be married. When I asked a few of them what they wanted to do later, they all had dreams and had an answer: “I want to be a doctor”, “I want to be a nurse in America”, “I want to be a nurse ”,“ I want to be…. ", Yes girls keep your dreams and don't let anyone take them from you, work hard in school and get good grades, that's important to you ...
The financial assistance : The government gives Rs 150 / child / month and the Mother Superior, the school principal gives 10 000Rs / month. (About 58 rupees 1 euro!)

Living conditions : The schedule is very strict. They get up in the morning 5h get ready for prayer 5h30. A Mass 6h30 ago, and then they are studying. Then they 10 min "house work". A 7h30, they take their breakfast. Then 9h to 15h30 is the class. They go to school. They never leave the campus. Returning courses they take their shower and tea. Then they study a little prayer before 18h30. They have free time until 19h. They can dine and explore in 9h30 22h 23h30 or for those who want it.
Needs : Living conditions are very poor. The more difficult for girls to sleep on the floor because the dorm basement can not accommodate all the girls. The other half sleeps on the floor on a simple straw mat in the living room that serves as a study room and night dorm. In the building which has been restored (the current dining hall and kitchen), the sisters are waiting for funds and aid to build one or two additional floors. The roof of this building is currently used for girls to expand their clothing. This floor allow girls to sleep in a drier, healthier, and have a bed to sleep ... because all the ground also means the opportunity to be in the company of cockroaches, and especially any insect crawling rats This floor ... allow these girls a little more comfort and have their own dormitory. The Sisters also hope to build a new study room ....
Some of them had never seen a foreigner in any case as closely J They like to ask questions about my family! and then had to celebrate this event, so they gave us a demonstration of traditional dance: Thiruvathira (the dance of friendship) and Opana (flange dance).
They were so proud to show what they had learned, what they do know, they looked like little queens. Some danced and sang a capella others.
Then as I brought small gifts and candy they were distributed.
Sister (who is also the sister of Sister Christabelle) told me that talking with a stranger in English was good for them and that they learned more quickly because they had to make an effort to be understood!
A small girl of about age 10 not let me go more hand!
Many touched me arm, and even pinched me J
perhaps to see the texture of my skin ...
and they were very intrigued by my moles ... they thought it was a skin problem!
I told them "no, no, they are beauty items and a lot of Europeans have this! '
it was funny to see their head!!
It was fun to take pictures, they were so happy to see and touch the product.
They even wanted to take the dog Jikki a small dog that was hit by a truck and they have cared.
Girls with beautiful smiles and are not often complain of their conditions.
This orphanage is a chance for them. What would become of them without it?


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