Sophie's visit 

Visit to her goddaughter Sophie S. Cochin (Nov 2006)


th suni1
Dream landscape
th suni2
The streets flooded
th suni3
Sophie through

It is a postcard landscape where palm trees contemplate each other in the water of the ponds. On a dirt road, you have to step over the puddles. After having taken several bridges of tree branches, the mother of the family comes to meet us.

In this bucolic exoticism, my eyes fall on his feet stained with mud up to the ankles, mud brown, sticky, viscous.

th suni4
Go a little effort

th suni5
Sr Marie Zeena follows
th suni6
Finally the neighboring houses
His broad smile erases our astonishment. Through a path where the vegetation is lush, the mother leads us up to his house.
It sinks in water, soak our shoes.

We pass a house kind of woven bamboo, pierced like a piece of cheese, a smile identical awaits us is the image of happiness amid destitution.

Our feet are becoming heavier, slip on the floor, we must have looked ridiculous.
The house of S.
The girls' room

Parents' room

The house is in front of us. Access is via the completely flooded garden. Finally, we take off our shoes on the porch to get inside.
It's dark, the electrical system is ready but not connected to the network.

How many people are in this situation? 5, 8, 10 years?

We enter through the children's room. There is a wooden bed for three girls, two of whom are teenagers.
The screen is black with grime.

In the parents' room, the family's clothes pile.
th dsc 9158
On the top of the bed
th dsc 9163
The kitchen where the pile is filled containers of drinking water
th dsc 9175
The house of a neighbor

The kitchen is a mess utensils. In the presentation, I only saw plastic bags.

Behind the house a collection of cardboard and tarps made bathroom office, of course, there is no mains drainage. Outside, you have to get the water to the common tap.

At each stage of our progress, kindness t friendliness of the inhabitants of this area we warmed the heart, what a lesson!