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Travel to Valparai in January 2011


"It is 5h."
Under the frail blanket lying on the bed, I was shivering.
I'm drenched in sweat too.

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I open one eye.
I realize that the ceiling fan breaststroke always this wet and disgusting air, full of musty odor and dust.
"We had to sleep without cutting it, we were slashed after those six hours spent on the bike, in the furnace of the plains of Coimbatore.

Two immodium swallowed, and some water on your face later I go back to bed by my power: do not grind, this bed Do not wake Sophie, my friend.

Eyes open, I pass my film the last two years:
The shock of the first trip to India.
The return to France and the vital need to start, first need insidious, malicious and gradually just obvious.
And this desire that also grows, want to commit to a better way, more human, more in line with my values. These past hours on the internet to find the kind of commitment that suits me. Share, help, give a chance.
Yes but how ? Yes, but to whom?

These exchanges with Isabelle, by mail, telephone and the puzzle pieces that fit together.

Quickly everything falls into place and made sense:

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Her name is Asha, a young Indian girl of 9 years, sponsored via Immaculata.


The sun begins to rise. Its rays through the louvers give a color rather pretty dirty walls of the room. It's amazing how a little light can change things, at least the perception of it.
In a few hours we have an appointment with Sister Roopitha in charge of sponsorships at Sacred Heart School Valparai, Tamil Nadu. A quick wash in cold water, a few bananas - deliciously sweet - purchased way yesterday - as a breakfast, and we are ready.

Ready for The encounter.

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We arranged to meet in front of the only hotel in the city, our hotel.
Sister Roopitha arrives on time (Indian, that is not on time, no matter)
accompanied Shobiitha sister and dad Asha.
Sisters are radiant, bright, emit calm, serenity, kindness, simplicity.
The cheerful dad is still a little behind because he does not speak English.

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We go up the main street towards the school and the home of Asha.

It's Sunday, no class. I walk around Sister Roopitha who press me with questions. I explain our journey. "You're so great. "

I take a look back, and Sophie Soofitha go hand in hand. We arrive at the house of Asha. We must descend a staircase of stones. On the threshold awaits the whole family: Asha course but also her mother, her grandmother, her aunt, her cousin, her two sisters and her brother.

Smiles, smiles What!
We sit inside. This little world lives in three relatively small rooms with corrugated iron roof.

It's very colorful on the inside in blue tones. We are shown the chairs. They are on the ground. Sister Roopitha as interpreter. The first exchanges are a little shy but quickly the barriers fall, hearts speak.

We are well received: Tea, cookies, donuts. We offer the gifts we brought from France: markers, pens, soaps, small jewels. We talk for about an hour, then draw some portraits take leave, with the promise to meet again tomorrow. On leaving, the mother of Asha insists that we entrust our dirty laundry to clean. We finally accept, though a little embarrassed. Her husband will recover to the hotel in the afternoon.

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We drive to the hotel with the two sisters. We give appointment to school the next morning.

Asha et AshitaHis little sister, accompany us a little on the way. Ashita spent onion-rings on the fingers of one hand, just to munch on the way.

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The next day, as agreed, we visit the school and we are the attraction of the day. We move from class to class and are greeted by curious looks, big smiles, pretty rhymes, laughter ...


We focus more in class Asha, who clothed, like all students, school uniforms, burgundy and beige. She seems very proud to be visited by his godfather.

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Then we visit the college on the other side of the street. The girls are in full preparation of examination and dance rehearsal.

Sister Roopitha offers to host us at the convent. We are touched by so much hospitality and happily accept, not unhappy to leave the hotel behind us. In the evening, we share the meal sisters, magical moment then we go to the orphanage where we expect the eighty children whose Immaculata association and Isabelle concerned particularly. The girls sit cross-legged on the carpet.

After explaining the reason for our visit, and have distributed our stock lollipops, they sang a Tamil song particularly moving.

Sophie and I have had goosebumps and tears in his eyes. This auspicious moment will be etched forever in me, in us. We spent the next two days to visit the Valparai area, really beautiful, along with GunanThe handyman of the Sacred Heart school, the only school employee to own a motorcycle.

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He guided us through the tea plantations, on very stony roads in inaccessible places.
We saw the Sholayar Dam (dam), visited a tea plant, several Hindu temples, we stopped in small shops to tea, ate fruit picked on the way.


The last night we went back to Asha for us to say goodbye. We laughed a lot, cried a little as the time of departure.

The next morning, after breakfast taken in the company of sisters came the difficult time of separation.

Strong links have been forged in a few days. Upon leaving we even kissed cheeks (something very rare among Indians), not without promising to return in two years.

I pressed the kick of the motorcycle is ébrouée at first.

I engaged first gear. And it's eyes filled with tears as we took the road Munnar, Kerala. "

Christophe (42 years, father of little French girl Lola 9 years and sponsor Indian girl Asha 9 years.)


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