Visit Helen's godchildren (Cochin)

At the beach

Email received July 28 2009.

I am a woman 42 years old, single, no children.
2009 beginning, I turned to the adoption, my information gathering quickly showed me an impasse.
Up regularly in South India, I tapping on the Internet web site and have traveled Immaculata.
Telephone contact with its President Isabelle Bourvis delighted me: human, friendly and efficient!

th 15 days after Rev. arrived.
I pedaled my laptop in hand and I heard the voice of Isabelle Bourvis told me about this young lady.
It was as if I was losing water. I said OK for this sponsorship -Rev. is 15 years old - but wanted a younger child.
th revathy2

Mr. 8 years came 3 weeks later, adorable. Emoticons in the picture sent via email corresponded to my expectations.
I met them in May 2009.

With the combination Immaculata, I realized my dream woman waiting for children after school and see our eyes share of happiness, choose to go with them clothes.

th sister married zeena
Each family welcomed me into his house sponsorship is also that, discovering the Indians in their daily lives.
Leaving a large bag of rice in my bag, Peggy's mother M., took my hands and knees before me, thanked me from the heart, I thought it over, I 'll cry like a madeleine instant emotion.

Meeting with families is Sister Marie Zeena who is responsible for presentations and translation Malayalam, the language of Kerala, in English. Sister Marie Zeena is a Carmelite Indian Light, and in a trend nochalante (Better later than never) typical of the country, I met a woman in unconditional love. She introduced me to the orphanage, college, factory, school bags sponsored by a Belgian association.
This is a great way of Being a responsible traveler in India.

th magfamily

I allowed myself a surprise visit from Ma-solo-.
We contacted the eyes and drawings. We spent the whole day together.
As they live on Vypeen Island, I suggested to the family to go by bus to the beach.
The design of the ice on my notebook, I can tell you that I made people happy!

th magsisterme

Magline, her sister and cousin had a lot of fun playing with the waves, throwing a bottle and waiting for the sea to bring her back.
I offered them each an outfit to enjoy water: shorts + t-shirt.
Peggy, the mother in saree, remaining under its umbrella (sunshade), I supported the monitoring of bathing.
After ice cream, we have experienced.
On the bus back, Ma came to sit on my lap. It moved me: the link was created.

This is not my blood, but for me they are my children. Umbilical cord never been so long! From France to Kerala-India, 10 hour flight!

Their pictures are on my desk on the first page of my PC.

Sponsorship is the possibility of a relationship Coeur powerful. It really is Good and we all grow out.

2009 in December, we'll all go together brushed elephants in the river ...



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