Christian went with his wife to Kottayam (Mount Carmel)

Email sent on March 23 2009

Dear Isabelle,

We are back from India after two weeks in Rajasthan and of course our long awaited visit to Kottayam, Kerala.

Wonderful time spent with children the first day of the visit, they honored us with their songs and dances.

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th p1000035  Then under the leadership of sister Lissette we met the headmaster of the school and the mother of "A".

The next day, with our little "A" intimidated well we took the road to the hotel for gift giving, stopping incidentally passing the village of "A" for a little salvation, the family was unfortunately absent.

After a short stop to enjoy a sundae we headed back to the orphanage.
Guided by a procession of children greeting us cheerfully hand we left Mount Carmel in the afternoon the heart a little tight.

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This passage in Mount Carmel was a highlight, the most moving of our visit to India.
Thank you to sister for a visit Lissette well organized and a warm welcome.



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