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Sharing of emotions sponsors who have gone on site

In 2013 :

Femi meeting avce Cochin: Florence recounts his first meeting, Thanks for this nice text Florence.

In 2010 and 2011

Meet Asha Valparai: Christopher shares his emotions with you. THANK YOU for this beautiful moment Christophe emotions.

Meet Maria ASHMI:  Fabrice, Isabella and Romane and their children Hugo. Thank you Fabrice, Isabelle, and Hugo Romane.

In 2008-2009

Children's home in Kottayam (March 2009):
Visit Christian and his wife to her goddaughter in St Joseph Orphanage

At the beach (Cherai-Kerala) with Mr. (May 2009) :
Visit Helen's godchildren in Cochin

In 2007-2008

Travel to Kottayam (2008)
Visit to the orphanages Caroline Little Flower and St. Joseph Kottayam

Monthly meeting families of Cochin (2007):
Caroline gets in the dress of a girl

In 2006 :

The house of S. (Nov-2006) - : Visit to her goddaughter Sophie: Sophie - Nov 2006



And why not you?

Children love their godfathers / godmothers come to visit. It is a way for them to really understand that letters, gifts, money that helps each month come from a "real" person!
There is often a difference in children's behavior after the birth of their godfather / godmother ....
THEN, drop your prejudices, and know that if you go, you will people happy :-))
The children are so proud that their sponsor has come to visit ...

it's party pout everyone ... for the child, his family, his friends, his class, or the orphanage (if the child resides) ... you have the right to smile, explosions of joy, shy children the first few seconds, but after questions, big eyes, maybe you'll have the chance to attend a show improvised girls of orphanage in your honor ...

This is a highlight FOR ALL.

Isabelle (the President of the association), can advise you on the best time to go, time to visit, bringing gifts ...)

Caution Sisters can not accommodate you, and have no idea of ​​your expectations for the hotels. You need to organize your own trip or through a tour operator.

We will try to identify hotels that our members have tried but they are only as an indication "tastes and colors" ......

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