Sponsor .... Give them the means to forge a future

Sponsorship allows an adult to accompany medium- to long-term, one or more children, giving them the means to forge their own future.

We are working today in South India, Kerala and Tamil Nadu. (see map)

We organize two types of sponsorships:

  • Sponsorships groups of idle young girls from slums or very poor coastal villages of southern Kerala, which are hosted in "children's homes".
  • Of "sponsorships"individual"Of children (boys and girls) who live in very poor families or are accommodated in children's homes.


The principles of sponsorship:

Commitments from the sponsor:

Commitments of the association:

Commitments on the spot:

Commitments of the sponsor or of the sponsor

General principles that are detailed in the chapters on sponsorship type selected

The moral commitment:

  • The moral commitment may be more or less strong and active .... it's the godfather or godmother to choose.
  • The godfather or godmother is committed to medium or long term depending on the chosen type of sponsorship (individual sponsorship or sponsorship of a group of children in a foster home).
  • The sponsor may stop its support at any time. However, to penalize (the) children as little as possible we ask the sponsor to advise us to 2 3 months minimum before its effective end.
  • Individual mentoring requires more personal investments and long-term sponsorship of a group of children. (Eg sending regular letters to the child, the management of part of his studies ...)

The financial commitment:

  • The godfather or godmother agrees to pay a minimum of € 25* per month to the association to honor the sponsorship he has chosen.
  • It will pay the annual membership fee to the association of € 12 (currently).

* At the request of the Sisters and members present at the last General Assembly in March 2015, the contribution is fixed at € 25 / month for new referrals. We advise our dear sponsors to increase their automatic payments to adapt them to current needs.

For detals on the commitments of the sponsor or the sponsor according to the chosen sponsorship type, you can view pages "Sponsor a group of kids", Sponsor "just a kid ".

General speaking, the sponsorship of a group of children in the orphanage accueilllis requires less long-term commitment and staff sponsoring one child.

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Immaculata commitments of the association:

  • Intermediate:

  • We serve as an intermediary between india (our correspondents, families, children) and sponsors.
  • Thanks to modern means of communication (internet, email, telephone ...), we are able to relay all the information, questions of both sides very quickly.
  • We strive for the proper functioning of the sponsorship process:

    • Finances: We send there all the money given by the sponsor. In France, we apply the rules of the legislation on associations 1901 law. ((Tax statement emissions received donations ....)
    • Letters:
      Each children's home or individual sponsorship center forward to the 2 and 3 Association three times a year letters to sponsors. We refer to each sponsor his mail and we translate it in French if necessary.

    • The news:
      Regularly, email, officials send news and digital photos. which are relayed on the site space reserved for members.

    • Checks on location:
      The association ensures that our correspondents are complying with the terms of the contracts signed between the parties. (Accounting and legal audit).
      Periodically, members of the Board undertake trips (at their expense!) To photograph the children and books of accounts.

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Commitments on site

Our respective commitments:

We have each signed sponsorship agreements (viewed in part "members")
These are contracts which define the rules of sponsorships. Depending on the type of sponsorship rules are different.

In financial :

  • Individual sponsorships for:
    • 70% maximum of the money sent can be used directly for the child's needs (school fees, clothes, books, Christmas gift ...).
    • 25% of the money sent and the annual balance "70%" account unspent child is placed in a savings account so that to help pay for his studies at the child, or to form a dowry for marriage or to help install working life .... If vital urgency for the child or his family the savings can be spent. The sister asks the agreement if possible prior to the sponsor but in any case the sponsor is informed.
    • 5% remaining sponsorship is entrusted to the sisters to cover staff and administrative costs; concretely that money is often given to other needy families and not sponsored.
  • Sponsorships for groups of children:
    • 95% of remittances is spent by the hostel to improve the living conditions of girls of the orphanage.
    • 5% remaining sponsorship is entrusted to the sisters to cover staff and administrative costs (specifically the money is often given to needy families and non-sponsored. Or well spent with 95% (above)

The moral level:

Corresponding are in regular contact with families to ensure that the sponsored children and families are complying with their commitments.

Commitments of families and children:

Sponsored children have to 3 21 years, boys and girls (mostly girls). They all come from very disadvantaged backgrounds.
Commitments are as follows:

  • They have to go to school and do their best to honor the chance given to them.
  • Depending on the type of sponsorship, according to their age children will be helped by adults to write letters to sponsors such.

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The pages of each house of children:

Other related sections:

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