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History and location

City Kanjikuzhy is 3 km from Kottayam. Kanjikukhy has become a business center of Kottayam including economic growth, very fast, amplifies social gaps and promotes poverty.

The Carmelite Sisters of St. Teresa founded the convent in 1933. Two years later, they began to welcome single mothers and poor children in the orphanage. In 1947 the school was created and the orphanage was recognized by the government in 1950.

Soon, the orphanage had to be expanded rapidly to accommodate a large number of abandoned children left behind in the Kottayam hospital.
Thanks to the very good quality of education, generations of children have been able to flourish and begin an adult life they would not have achieved without the help of the Sisters.
In 60 years, the Catholic community took over the financing of the orphanage with donations in kind (milk, rice, eggs, for example).
Now, the sisters appeal to private donors.

The school group of Mount Carmel

Currently, the school group as Mount Carmel 1800 students of 3 years 19 years. It is very famous, regularly awarded by the educational authorities of the country for the excellence of its results (school site

The school complex includes a kindergarten, a primary school, college, high school, technical school, university (to license), a training school, a private boarding school and orphanage for very poor children. It meets all 1883 students this year. The College and high school website - the school site teachers

The children's home

In 2006, the hotel hosted 110 children; today there are more than 70! It's not for lack of candidates, but for lack of funds to accommodate them. Local degrade the sisters no longer have the money to maintain them. Yet this place is really extraordinary for a poor child!

What characterizes this children's home, it is the excellence of education that children receive and open to many extracurricular activities that young girls have access.

Extra-curricular activities:
Girls regularly win awards in the activities they practice from:

  • book clubs,
  • cultural clubs,
  • sports such as basketball,
  • training in ecology, road safety,
  • Language workshops (English, Hindi and Malayalam), scouting and civil works,

First Aid (once these students trained, they are made to act to regulate demonstrations).
All these activities are organized by the school group and give an extraordinary means of personal development each girl.

Schedules (Weekdays) children

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The children received come from extremely poor families in coastal villages and slums surrounding Kottayam. They have the opportunity to enrich and develop through school but 75% of children are malnourished.
With the crisis, the Sisters increasingly difficult to keep them open children's homes.

We are seeing year after year to the decrease in capacity.
The home cost of a child is about 30 € / month at the orphanage. The government subsidizes 3, 44 € per child per month.
Sisters find the remainder of the money through private donations.

Help the sisters to gather more children by donating now (Online donation)



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