The role of the Immaculata Association

We are your guarantor to ensure that all goes according to aid contracts with the Carmelites.


  • Representative bodies of the guaranteeing proper use of donations
  • Our role in sponsorships
  • Our role in humanitarian actions

Representative bodies guaranteeing the proper use of donations:

  • The representative bodies of the association:

    The Board of Directors and the office represent members acting in accordance with the statutes. (Consult the 2010 Statutes). We organize exceptional events to collect donations. We can help sponsors who wish to organize an event to collect donations.

  • Traceability money sent:
    In accordance with the new French laws, we also exercise control over the on-site use of the funds paid. To do this, we provide tax services and members with a binder including receipts, sisters' reports, copies of invoices, and photos .... of expenses, and work carried out in the centers that we sponsor with the money we send. Regarding the money sent for individual sponsorships, on our travels we take pictures of the account books that the sisters keep on individual sponsorships.


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The role of the association in sponsorship:

  • Search for children to welcome in foster homes or to sponsor:
    We do not intervene at this level because it is the Indian sisters who know their country well in whom we have total confidence in the choice of the children they welcome in their children's homes. It is often a big dilemma for them because they refuse a lot of children that they would like to be able to accept.
    When we have an individual sponsorship request, we give as much information as possible about the sponsor's wishes and the sisters offer us the file of the child pending sponsorship that most closely matches the wishes of the new sponsor.

  • Human, administrative and financial monitoring:

    1. Human Action:
      We regularly hear from the children. The sisters inform us when there is a particular event in the orphanage or in the children's families. We relay the information on the website in part members.
      For individual sponsorships, n
      We wish to know each child as far as possible. We inquire about his past, his family, to establish a data sheet that we communicate to the sponsor. If we have knowledge of a particular event we communicate to the sponsor.
      We regularly go to see the children there (Travel and subsistence expenses are paid by the traveler, the association does not support.)
      About 3 times a year we receive letters from sponsored children (individual) and also groups of children from foster homes. We send each individual sponsor the mail of his godson, and publish on the site the collective letters of the children's homes.
    2. administrative and financial monitoring:

      donations centralization twice a year we send a check to honor the sponsorship. These consolidated shipments allow us to have a minimum of transfer and exchange fees. (High bank fees, often lump in each transaction, this is why we do not send money monthly sponsorships)

      Reports :
      Each semester we establish a detailed report of the sponsorships and donations that we communicate to the sisters for the accounts to be transparent on each side. We break down the report into Euros and rupees and by destination to facilitate the on-site work of our correspondents.
      Once a year we send a progress report to sponsors calling itself "the betel leaf" which summarizes the moral and financial activities of the association at the time.

      We keep our daily administrative and financial files up to date by computer so that we can easily answer members' questions.


    • Your contact at the sisters.
      Have a question, a reflection, a request for or about children:
      Through the Internet, we are easily in contact with our correspondents we can answer the questions in a very short time.

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Role of the association in humanitarian actions

  • research projects of humanitarian aid
    • We question each center regularly on their urgent needs ongoing or sisters come to us in case of great distress.
    • We choose an action to be taken in partnership with our correspondents. We study their quotes.
    • The management of the project is subject to the vote of the Board.
      If there is an emergency, or if the action is not very important financially, it is subject to votes of officers. (At the Council following a report thereon presented). Board members are held regularly informed by telephone or email of current events and we get their oral agreement pending formal meeting of a Council.

  • Formatting, presentation
    • One member shapes the humanitarian aid project. To present it to the CA then we present and distribute by email and on the website to members locations, users and donors.

  • Looking for donations, organizing events
    • With the publication of information, we collect donations.
    • We try to also organize special events to raise funds.
    • We are available to members to help them, advise, support in the realization of events.

  • The project, the new steps in making
    • The achievement of project are always supervised by our correspondents in whom we have full confidence.
    • We regularly receive photos and reports on the progress of projects.
    • We publish them on the site, we inform our members by email.

  • Checking the proper use of funds.
    • During travel of officers on site, or testimony of our correspondents we check the successful completion of projects and we take pictures to authenticate realization.

  • closure report, acknowledgments and invoice copies.
    • We ask our partners to send us a project closing report sometimes illustrated with photos and we ask for copies of invoices. Often our partners include letters of thanks that we publish.
    • The completion reports are archived in the "on-site expenditure" workbook and presented to donors on request.
    • A summary is published on the internet for information.

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