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"Beds for the children of the orphanage of Munnar"

December 2014 - 2015 March
The sales exhibition we organized in December 2014 the cultural center "Espace Renoir" Rueil-Malmaison has allowed us to finance half of the requested beds. Private donations from friends and members will allow us to send all the money to the purchase of 50 beds .... Thanks to the artisans who trusted us and Cultural Center team Rueil so effective.


We are seeking: € 5.000

For the onstruction of a roof (shelter) in the courtyard of the orphanage in Kottayam.

Sr. Yvette tells us that during the monsoon, the children have no ground game sheltered, and they can not properly expand their laundry to dry ... which creates musty odor problems and all that goes with it.

This project seriously improve their daily lives.

Layout of the floor dormitories at Mount Carmel Orphanage

The walls will be finally assembled. Now he'll have to pay for the painting, electrical and dormitories ...

We estimate the cost of the next phase of work on the order of 15 000 €

In progress :

We just send the funds to buy beds for the orphanage Trissur ...