Who are we ?

Immaculata is an independent humanitarian organization ...

Immaculata is an independent humanitarian association.
The adventure began in June 2005. It's a fascinating woman who deeply marked my childhood and which reappeared 20 me years later that made me leap, given the desire to get involved and throw me personally in humanitarian. Her name was Sister Immaculata ...

With a few faithful friends, all curious to know what happens to donations locally and willing to take concrete action, and especially to see the results, we created the "Immaculata Association" in honor of Sister Immaculata.
Through my experience of ten years in a French NGO (Asha), I was able to bring administrative and management bases essential to the development of our association. Today we are one hundred members, all volunteers. We clearly distinguish the gifts of ongoing management costs. These, alas mandatory, are only covered by the annual fee of our members (€ 12).

The money we are reaping is fully fielded - We do not take any fees.

  • It allows to help children and their families.
  • It allows micro humanitarian projects that we support, such as the purchase of mattresses and beds for children.

We have received approval by the tax department of Hauts de Seine issue receipts annual donations to benefit the donor a tax reduction.

Now we are able to conduct good deeds, the results are encouraging. To go further, we look for new people willing to invest. "

Isabelle Bourvis, founder

Today :

We are one hundred members.

The 2012-2014 office consists of:

  • Our President: Isabelle B. (Is @)
  • Our Treasurer: Martine D.
  • Our General Secretary: Christine P.

How to contact us ? :

By email:

By phone: 0687752892

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