The Charter of the Immaculata Association

  • Improving children's everyday

    Improving the daily life of children means giving them the chance to become responsible adults. Sponsorships from children's homes (formerly called Orphanages) help improve children's food and living conditions. We regularly organize and fund aid micro-projects for each establishment.

  • Direct contact with our correspondents

    The direct contact with existing structures on site facilitates trade and enables us every day to have a critical eye and be able to act if necessary. Bureau officials regularly go on site (at their expense!) To audit the accounts and visit the children. The use of new media (Internet) with our correspondents as with members accelerates the exchange of information.

  • financial transparency

    Being transparent means having day-to-day management without worry. We manage the association on computer, which gives us significant reliability. We publish a statement of accounts every year. (Betel sheet published in April). On-site transparency: we keep a binder bringing together copies of invoices and receipts for expenses made on site by our correspondents.

  • administrative rigor

    The administrative conduct of the association is based on the requirements of French regulations.
    For example, we obtained a tax ruling authorizing us to issue donation receipts for the tax deduction granted for charities.