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The "Little Flower" is the nickname given to St. Therese of Lisieux.

Children welcome (September 2011)

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History, locations. 

The Carmelite community of St Teresa founded the orphanage in 1896; was the 2nd orphanage Kerala and adjoining school in 1924.

The school group, built on a cramped site in the St Joseph Convent, now welcomes 1000 children aged three to seventeen, from kindergarten to XNUMXth grade.
This is a small establishment wedged between the school building and neighbors, two minutes from the train station.

Kottayam district is near Kottayam Backwaters Kerala is now a great economic city in 60 km south of Kochi-Cochin, bordering the backwaters (artificial canals irrigating networks throughout the region).



Today the children of orphan house welcomes 18 57 their boarders. 
They are from 5 to 18 years old. They come from extremely poor families, 45 of them suffering from malnutrition.

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Life at the orphanage

The life of the orphanage community. Children are divided in groups of 15 all ages.
Each year, groups elect their two representatives, they call "Chechi" meaning older sister.

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Girls develop a strong self-help link.
Mutual support they provide compensates family poverty. 
The girls are in a big harmonious family. 

Their living space is confined between the convent and school, they have the only outdoor space a playing field.
This, on the turnstiles and swings they put the clothes sécher.Tous day, they carry
the tasks of maintenance and laundry collectively, in turn.

They have a study room, a dining room (two women are responsible for cooking) and a dormitory.
Each child takes a few belongings into a small suitcase and the clothes are mostly given by the sisters,
which in turn, distribute them when girls change size.
The individual development activities are on the Anglo-Saxon pattern, they ascend workshops songs and dances.

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. On the occasion of every important festival in Kerala, a group takes responsibility for the celebration, according to tradition (eg the Onam festival celebrated in August).
Children also participate in activities outside the orphanage as scouting, first aid, sports competitions, the Red Cross.

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Most of the girls passed by this establishment for more than a century have founded great families, were educated, some work at the school today.

Timetables children

The home cost of a child is about 28 € / month at the orphanage. The government subsidizes 2 € per child per month; Sisters find the remainder of the money through private donations.

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Video January 2010) Martine Isabelle and the children's home 

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