Valparai - Sacred Heart Children's home - Tamil Nadu

The Carmelite community of St Teresa who created this children's home moved to 1963 to Valparai, Tamil Nadu.

Valparai is 98 km south of Coimbatore, in Anaimalai mountains (near the Kerala) to 1200 meters.

The area is mountainous (and therefore rather cold), but also very wet 6-9 months a year, it rains all day !!!.

Valparai, (a city of 95 000 inhabitants in 2001) is lost within a national reserve in the middle of tea plantations.





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History of the orphanage:

The Sisters opened the center in 1963 to accommodate children of poor young mothers who could not afford to pay for their children transportation from their home to school. Nowadays, parents are always day laborers in the fields or in the tea factories in the area, or coolies (porters).
The average salary of a worker is 3000 rupees per month (= € 1 58 rupees), equivalent to half the poverty line: 6000 rupees per month.
The work of the tea culture is very challenging during the rainy season.

Children home today:

Today the children of orphan house welcomes 12 80 on residents.
They have to 7 17 years. The sisters will welcome children in that house girls accordance with Indian laws. These children come from poor or very poor families who live in the region. These are often families employed in factories and tea plantations which provide the majority of employment in this remote region of Tamil Nadu. In the barracks crammed families, which are loaned by employers as parents working there, living conditions are difficult there, the children are left to themselves. The sisters therefore try to collect as many children as possible to get out of this condition.

The children are happy at home with children. The days tick away in laughter and good humor, "I am always impressed by the atmosphere that prevails" A Valparai sisters wanted to bring the focus on learning, as this is the only way that 'have these children out of their condition. The study is the main activity of the evening after the Tamil school.
The children are not cut in the world because every night they watch the news on a dusty old post.

Household chores are done by children themselves (storage, cleaning dormitories and common areas, dishes, laundry). some older students come to help with homework and serve as supervisors or big sisters. There is a cuisinère helped the students to prepare meals (morning and evening or weekend).

Officials sisters who accompany the children in their daily life:

  • Sr.Celine is responsible for the children's home.
  • Sr.Suseela assists everyday.

Timetables children at the orphanage: see timetables

School group:

The school group of the Sacred Heart welcomes 3 000 3 children to 17 years (kindergarten to 12ième).

The preparatory course called "1rst Standart" (the first) and the second class for large, for example, is called "Standart X" (the 10ème).

Today it welcomes school groups:

  • A school "under contract" Tamil school which offers courses in local language (Tamil) for children in the region.
    moderate tuition fees are paid by families who can.
    The canteen is funded Tamil state. This is often the only meal of the day for many children who come from the surrounding villages.
    In these remote areas, it is often the main motivation of parents to send their children to school.
    The meals are composed of rice decorated with a vegetable sauce. ONCE a week, children will receive a boiled egg the only animal protein intake that children often refuse to take.
  • An English language schools - private schools that offer courses in English: "Matriculation School". Tuition fees are more expensive than the Tamil school. The Sisters welcome free in this school pay some bright kids, but poor. This school is of high educational quality. His teaching is like the English system. NOT canteen at noon each child brings his lunchbox (bowl with a meal).

Construction management and maintenance of buildings of both schools are the responsibility of the Sisters.
Each school follows the Indian public education program one of whose characteristics is that the annual reviews are réussire students to the next grade. The classes welcome between thirty and fifty students. Especially in small classes there is no place for each child to sit at a table to the end. they are down !!! In both schools, when in Europe is put 2 children per table are often 4 to Valparai !!!!

Les School teachers "Tamil", which is "under contract", are paid by the government.
The teachers of the English language school, which is "private" are paid by the parents.

The home pitch tasks a child in an orphanage.

The home cost of a child is about 28 € / month at the orphanage.
The government subsidizes 6 € per child per month.
the sisters must find the rest of the money or the rupee equivalent of € 22.

These are the private donations they receive to enable them to accommodate poor children whose family situation is often critical ...

The kids NEED YOU give ......

You can give a few euros by the online payment site Secured by the BNPARIBAS Access to the "ONLINE DONATIONS"



Videos made on the spot ....

As if you were there :-)))

The Tamil school lunch Zorya success in the match with Leicester City
Shopping with children ... Zorya success in the match with Leicester City
Tamil song Zorya success in the match with Leicester City
English song Zorya success in the match with Leicester City
Wind, percussion for communicants Zorya success in the match with Leicester City

"Every visit I'm the father-Christmas thanks to sponsors who entrust me a few euros to make gifts to children and organize a feast with families. I accompany the children to do the shopping! For them is a great first because they do not have the choice usually their parents dress them with clothes given to them ... it's party ....

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