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Having already experienced hackers to fraudulent purposes in 2008, we have to protect the data of interest of hackers who have caused us a lot of hassle.

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  • Legal information on the association:
    • Postal address of the headquarters of the association
    • legal registration in Prefecture
    • Publication in the Official Journal
    • Siret (Press * on request)
    • statutes 2010
    • tax ruling
  • Information on the website
    • Webmaster
    • Host
    • Properties Domain Names
    • Copyright, use of the content of these pages, images and drawings and links
    • Logo Creator
    • Your personal data and cookies
    • Site Access
    • data protection act
    • by IT data management (Simplified CNIL No. 23) `
  • And reproductive rights 

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Legal information on the association:

  • Address Seat of the association:
    Immaculata Association domiciled:
    2 92500 Anastasia Ave Ste Rueil-Malmaison, France.

  • Registration at the Prefecture Hauts de Seine (92)
    Registered on July 12 2005 (Registration number given PARTLY MEMBER).

  • Publication in the Official Journal :
    Released: August 13 2005.
    Ad text published in the Official Journal. (Given party member)

  • Status
    View the statutes modified 2010 go to the 2010 Statutes page

  • tax ruling
    We have taken the necessary steps with the Directorate General of Public Finances (in Nanterre) to request the agreement to issue donation receipts so that donors obtain a tax deduction for donations to our association We have obtained a favorable response October 21, 2009 (The document is available in the members area).

  • banking details
    Members can get by connecting to "members area" site.

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Information on the website:

  • Webmaster, website creator and editor: Isabelle Bourvis.

  • Site hosting, intellectual and physical property of the association Immaculata, is hosted by: Association PHPNET - 123 ter Cours de la Liberation - 38100 GRENOBLE Tel: (+33) 08 73 76 76 76 (local call)

  • The domain namese "", "", "" are properties of the association Immaculata.

  • Links to our site and links to other sites:
    People who want to link their site to the site of our association are requested to ask for permission. at :
    The Immaculata Association disclaims any responsibility hyperlinks to its site that may have been created on other sites without its prior agreement.
    The Immaculata Association disclaims all liability for the content of sites you can find the addresses on this site.

  • Logo designer :
    Jean-Marc Brisard (

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  • Your personal data :
    We do not share or sell the given processed by computer to a third company.
    We do not use cookies.
  • Site Access :
    Access to the site is free, but pre-registration for most pages.
    Part of the site is restricted "section for members' of the association to protect the confidentiality of the information.
    We can not guarantee a 24h on 24 access to the website during the time of maintenance of it, or because of failures independent of our will, thank you for your understanding :-)

  • Law "and Freedoms" from January 6 1978.
    Under the Data Protection Act of January 6 1978, you can by writing your request to the office of the association request to see all the information about you contained in our file and make the change.

  • Declarations to the CNIL (National Commission on Informatics and Liberties). Simplified Standard No. 23: 1901 management associations law. receipt of declaration made on August 8 2005. 

Rights and Reproductions

 The site is the property of the Immaculata association.

copyright, property, copyright :
The content, images, photos, drawings and texts of this site concerns the French and international legislation on copyright and intellectual property. All rights of reproduction and representation of text, downloadable documents, photographs and drawings are reserved. If you wish to reproduce the data cited above, thank you to request and motivate the request to the site manager. write to the association:  
The logo of the Immaculata Association is the property of the Association.


Done at Rueil on April 15 2011.

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