Little Flower Children's home - Palliport - Vypeen Island - Kerala

The site of the children's home is paradise. As soon as you enter the area along the lagoon, is taken by the torpor and well-being that the place inspires.
It is a haven of peace slice horns and swirling life of the island of Vypeen overcrowded slums inhabited by fishermen's houses devastated by tsunami 2005. The island forms a suburb of the city of Ernakulam.

The last letter of children

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The history of the orphanage:

The school buildings date from 17st century! The Dutch expelled the Jesuits and the Portuguese who lived there since the 15st century. 
The Dutch founded a leprosarium (current school buildings!). 
Buildings became a hospital under English. Then they were abandoned by them for fifty years.
1925 in the estate was bought by the Bishop who gave the Carmelites of St. Teresa. 
There they created their third center (convent school, orphanage, and work center for women in distress).
1956 in the state of Kerala recognized school and orphanage in giving its approval. 

Today :

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The building of the orphanage in the fresh air but when you look closer you realize that the soil has suffered greatly since the last renovation of the building 1985.
The number of girls at the orphanage received declined dangerously (lack of funding) in recent years.
In 2008, 75 children lived there and now only 47.
The school group (K to 5st) Receives approximately 500 children from poor families and fishermen of the island.

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The children from the orphanage come from villages southern coastal Kerala (about 250 kms).  

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They come from families particularly poor, living in the streets without any family education.
Before being collected by the sisters, these children have never attended school or received any education elementary family.
For most children are on the street, they were not welcomed.

The work of the Sisters is very difficultBecause they are accustomed to life these children with the basic rules of hygiene, socialization, and schooling. Sisters substitute entirely for families to ensure the existence and the education of girls. For each vacancy, the children return to their families and return mainly with symptoms of malnutrition.

The extra-curricular activity the largest children's fanfare ! The girls form a band that moves in and surrounding villages during celebrations. The girls are very proud to be valued and recognized at their outputs. Children repeat every Sunday afternoon.

The cost of hosting a child is about 26 € / month to the orphanage. The government subsidizes 2,58 € per child per month, the sisters must find the rest of the money through private donations. Figures provided by our partners in December 2010

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The schedule of the residents of Little Flower :

The 65 young boarding girls sleep in a large room, on the floor, on mats. The older ones study in the room below and go to bed later.
During the holidays, some can go home with a relative, they have more free time and go for a walk or watch television. Thanks to this boarding school, they can study and get good grades and many are the postulants who cannot join this boarding school, for lack of available places ...

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