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Betel leaf March 2020

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Dear members, dear donors, dear friends, dear family,

We are finishing our fifteenth year ... Amazing this adventure so rich in lessons and smiles ......

Sr Christabelle


2019, a sad year 

 Homage to Sr Christabelle ... "Our Friend"

In December 2019 Sister Christabelle, Provincial  from Kerala (the sister in charge of the state for the CSSTs), died of dazzling cancer.  With Sr Chris (the Mother Superior of the Order of CSSTs), they participated in our 2015 Annual Meeting in Rueil.

Sr Christabelle was the faithful friend of our association. In 2005, thanks to the good advice of  Caroline Lequien (CFPE - France Parrainage) and Sr Christabelle, I was able to go up  Immaculata with her friends.  Since the beginning of this adventure, I have always received a response to my requests from Sr Christabelle. He was someone of right. She will be greatly missed ...


The Association today (April 2020):

79 godparents, 11 regular donors.

8 sponsors paid their 2020 subscription 

81 children are being sponsored.

Actions in 2019  :

Isabelle collected  at her home a young woman whom she is sponsoring and who is finishing her studies in Master of Finance and Management in Paris. Both were able to work on developing new communication documents between the children / sisters and the sponsors. These documents are almost identical to those that the CFPE (France-Parrainages) has recently used on site.  Deepthy was able to present them to Sr Jose Maria directly. 

On the spot, we continued our work of ants to help the children, the families and the sisters.

Kottayam,  Little Flower Children's home - St Joseph Convent: so that we can help them finance children's meals since the Keralais government no longer gives them any funding. We sent € 1.200 for 2020.

Valparai, Sacred Heart Children's home: This orphanage is still counting on us to help them every 6 months in order to cover most of their children's food costs, ie € 1600 per year. 

Vypeen and Mount Carmel: we helped in the daily management of the establishments and sent respectively   € 800.

our correspondent  children's homes in April  2020 

Vypeen  Little Flower Children's home → Sr. Edith: This e-mail address is protected against spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Kottayam little Flower Children's home → Sr Nikilha  and Sr Jonila:  This e-mail address is protected against spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Kanjikuzhy Mount Carmel St Joseph CH → Sr Shiny:  This e-mail address is protected against spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Valparai Sacred Heart Children's home → Sr Moksha: This e-mail address is protected against spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Ernakulam / Kochi Center (Cochin / Ernakulam)  → Sr Jose Maria: This e-mail address is protected against spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Your letters: 

Cochin-Vypeen Center : "The name of the child" c / o Sr Jose Maria  St Teresa's Convent CSST, 1 Park avenue PB N ° 1013, 682011 Ernakulam, Kerala India.

Kottayam Kanjikuzhy Center : “The child's name” c / o Sr superior - CSST Mount Carmel Convent, Kanjikuzhi, Muttamballam PO, 686004 Kottayam, Kerala India.

Center of Valparai : "The name of the child"  c / o Sister CSST in charge, Sacred Heart Children's Home CSST, 642127 Valparai (Coimbatore Dist.), Tamil Nadu India.


Immaculata Association ... Finances in 2019. 

finance table 2018

The 2019 financial year presented € 38.734 in revenue, against € 40.008 in expenditure; the difference (- € 1.354) is due to the delay in transferring donations from the second sponsorship semesters to the next financial year. 

The cumulative balance at 31/12/2019 reached € 21.800 and will cover the € 20.708 of transfers planned for April 2020.


Management costs: although these costs have always been kept to the strict minimum (€ 369 in 2019), in addition to internet hosting supported by Isabelle for 15 years).

In 2020 :  management fees  insurances .... are not covered  by the annual contributions (12 € / year per member) received to date.      Thank you for thinking of making this little regulation so important for the association.


Don't forget to pay your contributions to be a "member"  and to be able to vote.  The balance will be distributed to the sisters as a "gift" to the families they help .... 

Management expenditure in 2019 :  -369, € 

Spent as follows:

Compulsory insurance: 79,12

Internet domain name fees: € 10,08 

Postage costs: € 125,60

Bank charges (transfers in India): € 43,83 

Stationery (binders, sheets, envelopes) € 25,81

Balance of contributions 2017 : As every year, we have reallocated the 2017 membership balance (878,06€) in donations to children's homes.

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In 2019 ..... thanks to your donations: 

We mainly participated in the management costs of the orphanages that we support. That is to say the purchases of food, the wages of cooks and material for the life of the little girls.

The money that I will send in April will allow the children of Valparai to no longer shower with ice water.
The sisters, thanks to your donations, will be able to buy a system to heat the sanitary water.
THANK YOU SO MUCH to the generous donors who have allowed us to finance once again an important project for these little girls that we have been supporting for 15 years already !!!

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