Become a member of the Association Immaculata

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Become a member of the association immaculata

  • Member: user manual :
    • Why join?
    • Membership for whom?
    • How to join?
  • Annual fee
    • Amount of the annual fee
    • What is the fee?
    • Why membership so low?
    • Separate the donations and contributions.
    • The balance of contributions made into gifts.
  • Membership Form

Membership of the association:

  • Why join?
    • To become an active member of the association pursuant to the statutes:
      Article 5 statutes: "Anyone interested in the objectives of the association and 2 defined in Article may accede to this Agreement after a board member of the association.
      All members agree to pay the fee set by the General Assembly. "(View in 2010 amended articles go to page document 2010.Télécharger Statutes: Statutes 10.PDF).
    • As a member, you can participate fully in the life of the association, for example:
      • Act on behalf of the association
      • Serve on the Board of Directors, the Board
      • To collect donations.
      • Information on the association regularly through emails and website members area.

  • Membership for whom?
    Specifically: For those who want to invest in association sponsors children's homes, sponsors, individual sponsorships, regular donors (micro-humanitarian projects).

  • How to join?
    You must complete the application form hereafter
    To validate your membership, it must be accompanied by a payment of EUR 12 annual dues payment through the website or by check payable to Immaculata Association. (See below)
    If you start a sponsorship, you can also add your payment to the amount agreed with your partner association to confirm your sponsorship, or if you are a regular donor, you can add your donation in the amount of the annual fee.

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Annual Fee:

  • Amount of the annual fee.
    The fee is currently € 12
  • What is the annual fee?
    The fee covers the operating costs and ongoing management of the association, eg postage, administrative costs and banking ...

  • Why membership so low?
    WE HAVE NO EMPLOYEE EXPENSES AND NOT IMPORTANT (rent, insurance important ...)
    The officers of the association (volunteers) make sure to minimize operating costs.

  • Separate the donations and contributions.
    We separate donations, sponsorships of children (group or individual sponsorships), contributions to the association (which covers the cost of management).
    This method allows us to be transparent in the management of the association. There is no percentage retained on donations for any fees ... Donations and sponsorships are paid in full to the corresponding association. The fee is used to manage the association.

  • The balance of contributions made into gifts.
    At the end of the following year, sil rest of the money in the account fee (n-1) we transform this balance Don to help complete a project (eg help pay part of studies for children the association, helping to achieve a humanitarian project in progress ... for example we have sent donations and sponsorships from July to December 2010 2009 the balance of contributions that we had not spent.

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Application form:

  • Form to print and send by mail the Association Immaculata Ave Ste Anastasie 2 92500 Rueil-Malmaison. :
    • to complete by hand and return by mail to: form to fill in main.pdf
    • fill with your keyboard by mail: form to complete with keyboard. pdf : Your browser opens the document in a new window, complete the fields to inform and DIRECT PRINT (multiple copies) with the "Print" button on your browser. Be careful if you download the document after filled by your browser you will lose any information and will complete after downloading!
  • Download form first and then complete and return directly by email : document to download and remplir.pdf When you open the browser should immediately download and open. Fill in the blanks and then up into the Document toolbar click send by mail .....

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