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Access to information for members Immaculata

To log on, you must be a member contributor to the association (eg Godfather Godmother Donor regular ...)

We have assigned the default login and password are the following: 

  • Your login: your name (Preceded by a capital letter)  
  • Password: the one on the various letters and emails that we sent you.

If you have a problem, or if you want to change your data, click on small icons:  identif(Your username) and motpass(for your password), which are located next to the connection button, this will allow you to reset the password or recover your username. ....or both !!! thanks to the email address you have indicated.

Caution :  The email address must match the one you gave us when you registered.

AccompliceTip: if you want to find the password and username, ask for your username first, then your password.

If you have changed your email address from your registration ... send a quick email to Isabelle in the telling: 

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