Convocation to the Extraordinary General Meeting

of the Immaculata Association

The Extraordinary General Assembly of the Immaculata association will meet on June 3, 2020 *at Monsieur et Madame Bourvis, 2 ave sainte Anastasie - 92500 Rueil-Malmaison at 20:00 p.m., in order to submit to you the proposal of the Board of Directors and to vote the resolutions relating to the following agenda: 

  • Resolution 1 : After knowing the reasons (document "FAQ »): Approval of the voluntary dissolution of the Immaculata Association on June 3, 2020.
  • Resolution 2: Approval of the Board Minutes of 2 December 2019. (decision of the CA to start the process of liquidation of the association. (see the document)
  • Resolution 3: Approval of the Board Minutes of 2 April 2020. Details of the dissolution process (see document).
  • Resolution 4: Approval of the opening of the liquidation phase on June 4, 2020 which should last maximum until the end of summer 2020.
  • Resolution 5: Appointment of liquidators: The Council proposes to appoint Madame Bourvis (liquidator) and Madame Desbrugéres (assistant liquidator) to perform the tasks incumbent on the liquidator. For example: Terminate the insurance contract, close the bank accounts and not renew domain names, carry out the formalities of declarations to the various JO, INSEE organizations; BANK…
    At the end of the liquidation, the liquidator will be required to issue a moral and financial liquidation report to be communicated to the members who request it and to prepare donation receipts for the year 2020.
  • Resolution 6: The Assembly gives all powers to the liquidators to complete all necessary procedures and administrative formalities in the process of liquidation of the Immaculata association.
  • Resolution 7: Approval on the allocation of the association's assets: The association has no real estate assets, it only has assets supplied by sponsors and donors and banking products, no subsidy.
    Here is the list of the attributions of the funds of the Association: 

    • The sums allocated to the first semester of 2020: All donations and sponsorships received until June 30 allocated to the first semester of 1 will be sent to the sisters by transfer during the summer of 2020. 

    • Funds received for the second half of 2020 or later: All sponsorship or other donations will be:
      • Transferred to France-Parrainages if the sponsor has registered on the page: 
to allow his godson to continue his education.
      • For the sponsors who give up their sponsorship, the funds will be sent (for the child) to the Sisters during the last transfer organized by the Immaculata Association in late summer 2020.
      • For other donations received before the last transfer, they will be transferred to the sisters. If not, they will be included in the liquidation bonus transferred to France-Parrainages.
    • The balance of the funds constituted by the annual contributions, by the banking products (Interest of the passbook A, banking retrocession….) Will be versed with the sisters for actions of aid to the children and families.
    • In order to be able to pay the costs of the last transfer and costs for the dissemination of the last report, you will be asked to keep at least 50 euros of provision.
    • In accordance with our statutes (article n ° 15), the Liquidation Bonus will be paid to the France-Parrainages association.



 WARNINGS  In accordance with the statutes (article 15), for the dissolution to be voted it must beacceptance of 2/3 of the voters ... 

So we have  need maximum approvals  to reach 2/3 of the voters because  if you "abstain "it is as if you were voting" NO"


To vote You must be a member of the association. 
To be a member, you must have paid the 2020 membership (In accordance with article n ° 5 of the statutes). You can be represented by another member (member) of the association or vote by correspondence * by post, by internet on the association's website by filling out the online voting form. To do this, you will find the necessary documents attached, or downloadable from the association's website: or by e-mail request (This e-mail address is protected against spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

To Vote using the Online Forms on the site: (VERY EASY)  

You need the validation key :  indicated on your email and on request to Isabelle Bourvis


Link to the Meetings page  :


Direct link to the voting page for the EGM:


Direct link to the "proxy" page:


Counting on your participation, please accept, Sir, my sincere greetings.

The President, Isabelle Bourvis.

* This assembly can take place by video conference if the state of health of our country recommends it. You will then be notified a few days before by email of the technical access information.