roof reconstruction Valparai orphanage in 2006 and 2007.

- "Thanks to generous donors Valparai children now live" dry "There is more water streamed over their heads during the rainy season !!! THANK YOU."

Thanks made by Mrs. Bourvis in 2007 to the attention of donors.

The roof of the children's home was covered in very damaged asbestos plates. - Plates of asbestos - (See pictures on the banner-image audessus).
Regularly black monkeys moved the power to enter premises and to plunder the few cases that children possessed or that contained the kitchen.
In the rainy season, the ground floor was impractical because the rain poured all over the room.

at the time the house welcomed 110 children.

In May 2006, we funded the reconstruction of the orphanage's roof - in August, construction of stairs to the roof, repairs to the floor of the dining hall.

See letter from Sr Sarguna charge (at the time) on sponsorships Valparai:

Names girls and sisters living in Sacred Heart - Valparai

Translation of the letter in French:

Dear friends of Immaculata Association

Please receive the greetings and thanks of the Carmelite Sisters and children of the orphanage of the Sacred heart of Valparai in South India.
With the heart filled with joy, we would say that the 375 288 rupees we have received have been spent to complete the construction of the roof, the parapet on the roof (3 meters) and the steps of the orphanage cage. Your donations were used exactly as you want.
Now the children live under a roof that protects them.
We have many other urgent needs.
We hope that you will not forget us.
Disadvantaged children we urgently need all LOVE and all the help we can give them to grow emotionally and physically as a human.
Each child needs a very careful monitoring emotional, and we try our best to provide them cover a decent roof.
Each child already has its history (often a heavy burden).

Thank enormously Immaculata Association and its members for their attention to us.
One day, the children become actors of our society and as responsible for our community.

THANK YOU to each of the members, donors and Godparents for your generosity.

The heart filled with joy ....

Sr Sarguna, all the sisters and all the kids ..

Review the original letter: English letter.

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