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Actions taken by the volunteers of the association in France to finance the achievements in India by our correspondents ....

We try to improve the life and education of children by offering collective and individual sponsorships. And we carry out very concrete humanitarian actions directly linked to the living conditions of children.
In particular, we support 4 orphanages (children's homes) located in South India, and supervised by Carmelite Sisters:

  • Little Flower Children's home in Kottayam (Kerala)
  • Little Flower Orphanage at Palliport (Vypeen Island, Kerala)
  • St Joseph Orphanage in Mount Carmel (Kanjikhuzy -kerala)
  • Sacred Heart Children's Home in Valparai (Tamil Nadu)

We require to receive each receipt of money payments and proof of expenses incurred on site and we record them in a binder available to members.

Here is the list of our past actions of the association:

 2014 achievements:

In the center of Cochin:

  • Vypeen (participation in the installation of flooring on playground): 800 €
  • St Antoine: renovation of kitchen-toilets, infirmary pipes: 8160 €
  • Reconstruction of the laundry roof: 640 €
  • Study aid (private donation) 250 €
  • Purchase of school supplies € 26,53
    in Trissur:
  • Trissur Action: "Princesses' beds for children" Purchase of 45 beds, mattresses adornments: 4400 € See report and pictures
  • Trissur (organic waste / biogas collector): € 1540

Centers Kottayam:

  • Mount Carmel (organic waste / biogas collector) 1300 €
  • Kottayam (organic waste / biogas-internet recuperator): € 1300

in Valparai:

  • Sanitary finishing, kitchen roof renovation, solar water heating: € 6739
  • Child house roof repair sponsored by the sponsor: € 200

2013 achievements:

In the center of Cochin:

  • "Little Flower", Vypeen: Sr Cordette is now our correspondent, we have seen the repair of the yard, the washing air, and games funded in 2012 and 2013. The girls are happy.
  • "Mount Carmel", Kanjikuzhy: still awaiting authorizations for the construction of the dormitory. The sisters come up against local corruption. They have not yet been able to obtain the final building permit. Construction is therefore stopped. The money has been placed.
  • "Little Flower", Kottayam: Overnight the municipality decided to no longer collect organic waste. We financed the construction of an organic waste collector for the production of biogas. The gas produced is used to fuel the hotplates in the kitchen.
  • "St Antoine" in Cochin:
    During our trip we were alerted by the imminent closure of the children's home in St Antoine if rehabilitation work was not undertaken before the start of the school year in June.
    We were able to finance a large part of this work.

A Valparai:

"Sacred Heart", Valparai: Reconstruction of sanitary (showers and toilets) to the orphanage.
SR jose Maria (Cochin) started a mutual health project for sponsored families, to help them face the exorbitant medical costs.


Achievements 2012:

Valparai anti-monkey shines on the roof installations of the children's home (photos to come) 

Vypeen - Little Flower Children's home: renovation of the Laundry Corner and kitchen pipes (report to come) financed by Goto Solidaire

Vypeen - Little Flower Children's home: Purchase and construction of outdoor games for children (report to come)

Realized in 2011:

MAY 2011: Thanks to the Goto Solidaire association which financed the purchase of 12 water purifiers for the 12 children's homes in Kerala.

SINCE MARCH 2011: In March 2011, we sent the money obtained thanks to Dec 10 Exhibition (€ 3988,87) and other donations (€ 4062,41):

We especially thank:

  • The team of the Cultural Centers of Rueil-Malmaison who helped and encouraged us during and after the December 2010 exhibition.
  • Anne-Marie Blondiot director of cultural centers.
  • The team of friends of Erik, Florence and Marc for the 1000 € they sent.
  • Mireille and Dieter who organized a birthday party for the benefit of the children of Valparai. (800 €)

Distribution of donations:

  • Kerala:
    • For the Vypeen children's home "Little Flower Children's home": € 2 = ground reconstruction.
    • For the Kottayam (St Joseph) children's home "Little Flower Children's home": € 2 = reconstruction of the ground.
    • For the Mount Carmel children's home "St Joseph Children's home": € 2 = purchase of the fridge, a pump, Installation of two gas burners in the kitchen, painting of the building and cleaning.
  • In Tamil Nadu at "Sacred Heart Children'home": € 3582,82 (profits from the exhibition and other private donations) = renovation of toilets, painting, renovation and maintenance of the children's home.

We are waiting for reports and photos for all this work ...

In 2010:

  • Valparai:th sam 0090th sam 0091
  • Cochin: Financing of part of the engineering costs of a young person who no longer has a godmother.
  • Interests at the expense of life children's homes Vypeen, Kottayam, Mount Carmel, and Valparai.
  • Kottayam: Purchase of bunk beds for children's homes Mount Carmel and Kottayam (Little Flower)

EXHIBITION "A Christmas for children in South India" 2010 edition " th affiche2010

The cultural centers of Rueil-Malmaison and Immaculata organized an exhibition sale of Craftsmen (French and Indian) for the benefit of the children of Immaculata.
From November 30 to December 16, 2010 at the Hermitage, Maison du Père Joseph de Rueil-Malmaison (92500).
Thanks to the generosity of visitors, we collected € 3 which we have just sent to India for the attention of the 988,87 children's homes (orphanages) that we support.

This sum was sent in its entirety in March 2011 the work is in progress .... 
We expect in the coming months financial reports, photos and letters of thanks from each orphanages.

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In 2009:

Realization of micro-projects 2009:

In 2008:

  • Participation in the construction of the new children's home of Mount Carmel Kanjikhuzi (Kottayam) here.
    The work is not finished, we have participated to the extent of our means our means. The ground floor is finished, It houses the refectory and the kitchen. 
    The upper floors were not built for lack of money.
    th 01  th 02  th 03  th 04  th 05
  • Donate to each Children's Homes we help. for participate in education and life children of the foster home.

Presentation of 2 large-scale projects to other NGO associations: 

The CFPE was able to carry out the presented project. A BIG THANK YOU to the French Center for Child Protection (CFPE) from the children of Valparai.
We were present (counsel and interlocutor) throughout the course of the project to help with its realization.
This project consisted in creating for the orphanage of Valparai:

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In 2007:

Achievements financed with the profits of the December 2006 exhibition:

Participation in the exhibition of the Atelier d'Art Floral de Malmaison (AAFM): 

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In 2006:

  • Nov 29 - December 22, 2006 Organization of an Exhibition-Sale at Espace Renoir (One of the cultural centers of Rueil-Malmaison)
    th afficheexpo2006

2005: implementation ....

Birth of the Association in July 2005.
Establishment of structures, membership of the first members.

  • Purchase of a digital camera at the Cochin center to reduce children's photography shots for the sponsors.


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