Humanitarian actions funded by you ...:

Each year we fund humanitarian projects and assistance to children "human size" but GREAT importance for children ;-)

Our method:

In France :

Commemorative: We organize photo exhibitions, conferences and other events ... to finance projects.
Regularly, we partner with other organizations to carry out projects that we presented

Traceability money sent: We maintain a workbook "receipts on the spot."
This workbook collects copies of invoices for expenditures made by the sisters under the sponsorship of children's homes and humanitarian actions. They provide, photos, copies of invoices and report completion of works to illustrate the completed actions.
So we have a good traceability of money given, in accordance with French texts currently in force.

You have an idea of ​​harvest donations ...... Please ...

Contact Marie-Cécile, or Martine Isabelle: Contact address

India (Kerala and Tamil Nadu):

audits : Our members during their trips (travel at their own expense), we bring pictures and reports of achievements on site.

A single interlocutor ... This is the corresponding responsible sponsorships which is also responsible for the proper execution of the work.

Details of the actions or micro-projects the assocation Immaculata:

Past Humanitarian Actions

- See the details of our past actions

    • Renovations of premises and improving the lives of children in orphanages or foster home.
    • Aid for financing Indian youth studies.

humanitarian actions during of the year and projects

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