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Betel leaf. November 2018

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Hi all,

The year 2017 was marked by the General Assembly of the association 24 November. Thank you to you who participated in the votes and especially those who were kind enough to travel. It is very important for us to feel supported in our actions.

In Kerala, the sisters face major legal and financial problems: The Keralais government (mostly Hindu and Muslim) voted and enforced laws concerning childcare homes. They want to control or get rid of orphanages run by independent authorities. They demand the control and management of all institutions by assigning their staff and leaders and using their premises to place the children they want, while funding only a derisory part

of their lives with 500 rupees (6,30 €!) per year and per child. The Sisters do not want to let "prisons" or "houses of recovery" become their havens of peace and joy, which are their children's homes. The increase in the cost of living, the suppressed government aids, are the reasons why they can no longer accommodate as many children as there are 10 years. For example Kottayam orphanage "Little Flower" welcomed + 120 children in 2005. Today, Sr Jonila tells me that she welcomes 45 children. (Thanks to Liselotte

our godmother who helps them. Her monthly budget to house, house, and feed her 45 children is about 900 euros per month that she must find by private donations. that she is responsible to these children. What uncertainty in the future!

The average estimate of street children in India is 11 million.

We are looking for sponsors to help children's homes ... Talk about them.

Our corresponding children's homes:

Vypeen Little Flower Children 's home: Sr. Edith: This e-mail address is protected against spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Kottayam Little Flower Children's home: Sr Jonila: This e-mail address is protected against spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Kanjikuzhy Mount Carmel St. Joseph CH: Sr Nikilha: This e-mail address is protected against spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Valparai Sacred Heart Children's Home: Sr. Kavitha: This e-mail address is protected against spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Your mails:

Center of Cochin-Vypeen:

"The name of the child"

C / O Sr Maria Maria Teresa's Convent CSST, 1 Park Avenue

PB No. 1013, 682011 Ernakulam, Kerala India.

Kottayam Kanjikuzhy Center:

"The name of the child"

Sr Superior - CSST Mount Carmel Convent,

Kanjikuzhi, Muttamballam PO,

686004 Kottayam,

Kerala India.

Valparai Center:

"The name of the child"

Sister CSST in charge,

Sacred Heart Children's Home CSST,

642127 Valparaai (Coimbatore Dist.),

Tamil Nadu India.


Sr. Jose Maria (G) and Sr Nikhila (D) in nov18.

2017 saw the election of Sister Christabelle as "Provincial- (Responsible)" of Kerala. This makes us very happy. Some of you had met her at my home during the General Assembly of 2015 with Sr Chriss (Mother Superior of the Order). Sister Christabelle knows our work well since she was the first Sister with whom I started sponsorships. She is always listening to us to make things happen. She asked Sister Jose Maria to come back at the end of 2017. Sister Jose Maria resumed the position of Principal Correspondent in Kerala. We thanked her wholeheartedly because together we had moved a lot of things. It was with her that we had prepared the modernization of sponsorship management a few years ago. Even if, in order to maintain their independence, every children's home loses its government subsidies, I am sure that with Sister Jose Maria at the helm, The Sisters will be able to continue their precious work.

The implementation of the new on-site management rules has been completed and respected. Each sponsored family has a bank account that is paid monthly by the sisters. Families must come to the monthly appointment with their account management booklet for the sister to verify its use and not be completely emptied each time. Depending on the sector that the families depend on, they have a sister. We did not notice a problem with 2017. I.Bourvis (President of the Immaculata Association).

cochinnoel18nCochin Christmas 2017 in Cochin (Ernakulam)

Association Immaculata ... Finances in 2017.


Management expenses in 2017: -383,83 €

Spent as follows:

  • Compulsory insurance: 155,98 €
  • Internet domain name fee: 20,92 €
  • Postage costs: 128,13 €
  • Bank charges (transfers in India): 78,80 €

Great savings have been made by sending each tax receipt by mail ..; a bit long handling level but it's worth it!

Isabelle has taken over the purchase of everything that is envelope stationery ..

Bank retrocession:

It's always complicated to send money with minimal costs to India. At my request and in order to compensate us internally, BNP handed over a large part of the expenses for sending the March transfer 2017 received at the end of April. Thank you so much

In 2017 ..... thanks to your donations:

  • Little Flower »Kottayam: Painting of cleanliness, participation in the payment of the salary of the cook, purchase of wood for the fire ... (Expenses of life of the orphanage)
  • St. joseph Kanjikhuzy (Mount Carmel): Renovation of the kitchen and refectory floor and ongoing management fees.
  • Little Flower Vypeen: participation in the construction of the wood shelter for the kitchens and participation in running costs.
  • Sacred Hart Valparai: Participation in food purchases and small purchases.

Balance of 2015 contributions:

As year year we have reamed the balance of 2015 donations donations to children's homes oiur 832 € (note a sponsor was kind enough to pay his last three years of contributions, so I added 2015 balance 12 € that we also sent).

2017-2018 weather conditions:

South India has been hit 2 times by climate disasters in recent months. In December 2017: Cyclone Ockhi devastated the coastal areas of southern Kerala.

In August 2018: Major floods. Cochin and its region as well as Kottayam were affected by incessant weather.

Near 725 000 people were displaced in humanitarian camps. The sisters opened all their establishments to receive families in distress at first. They estimate 8000 refugees in their institutions. Then it was time for checkup and cleaning. The sisters helped clean Some families that we help have lost the little precious they had. (those of Ancil Saji, Gilta, Lavina, Mary Dallet of Aleena Antony, Annarin Gonsalves)

Currently it is always time for reconstructions. Thanks to the donors, especially the friends of Delphine and Alain. We sent 7 700 € (7699,96) last September. I am waiting for the report and supporting documents in the beginning 2019 that we will publish on the site.

The photos of the sisters' actions during the floods: