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Isabelle Bourvis Report, December 2018

Report on assistance to the population in distress during the floods.

The 14 August 2018 in the early afternoon, massive and deadly floods hit Kerala ..

They claimed the lives of more than 450 people, and displaced more than eight hundred thousand people throughout the state of Kerala.

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The causes of these floods:

Heavy monsoon rains began on August 14 after mid-May. They lasted forty-eight hours in a row. The rains were particularly dense and continuous.

The floods were aggravated by the release of water from thirty-four dams upstream. The authorities were forced to open the floodgates of these dams, to preserve the essential drinking water reserves of Kerala that threatened to give way. These

"Water releases" for the first time and in a simultaneous manner greatly amplified the disaster.

The damage:

The poor, fast and poorly built neighborhoods that host the families of our sponsored children have been devastated. Some houses have not held others were emptied of their contents. Muddy water ruined everything she touched

: clothes, metal objects and cogs, tools and small objects are washed away or engulfed in the mud some have lost everything.

The house of Emy Anna (Kottayam) threatens to collapse because a mudslide took away one of the walls.

The sisters, from the beginning of the bad weather, were on the spot, They worried about the families we help. The August 18, Sister José Maria and her teams had already visited more than thirty homes of sponsored children.

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Some houses were filled with mud and dirt. Many have lost their walls, so it will take a long time to start a new life.

Eight hundred thousand refugees, displaced: The surge of water surprised many neighborhoods. The people fled on their own The torrents of mud, the currents that swept away personal belongings, food, work tools, houses and fragile huts A great impetus for mutual help was immediately put in place. The sisters immediately opened their various establishments (schools, day centers, etc.) which soon became big relief centers to welcome anyone irrespective of sex or religion.

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The work of the Sisters:

the sisters estimate that they have housed at least eight thousand people in the Cochin-Ernakulam-Vypeen area. The displaced have been housed, fed and comforted in their schools and colleges. Institutional buses were made available to the victims. Sisters, teachers, students and alumni and supporters have risen to the occasion and helped as much as possible.

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Thanks to your donations: a team of 25 sisters accompanied by a doctor went to Neericode (870 families) and Mannanthuruth (380 families), remote villages north of Cochin. In early November. They rented a house for 9 days to make it a rescue and care center. They distributed mattresses, sheets and blankets for pillows, sewing machines, cooking utensils and cocottes minutes, gas hotplates, plastic chairs for families to live again so that they can rebuild their habitat. The health care team continued their journey to Kainakiri and Muttinakam before returning to Ernakulam.

A big thank you to the donators.

Finances :

With this catastrophe of great magnitude, they have had to cope with the demand by drawing in their various budgets.

They received donations that do not cover the expenses already made. We sent in September 7700 € thanks to the mobilization of some.

Currently, the demand is still very important: it is necessary to do the work of consolidation of houses, the reconstruction of sanitary, two other villages are still waiting for their visit ...

The return of families:

Most families have returned to their home

residential area possibly accommodated by more fortunate neighbors.

The sisters continued to actively participate in the rebuilding with families to wash, scrub and dry and help families to live again.

Before letting the refugee families go, the Sisters gave advice to guard against contagious diseases and dangers such as

snake bites, etc ...

Families received medicine and cleaning equipment, food.

The Sisters continued to follow the families who returned by bringing them supplies and helping them clean the houses.

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Delivery of mattresses, pillows, kitchen equipment covers ... the November 1er in Neericode

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BRAVOS, thanks to the Sisters teams, so dedicated, not counting the hours of work. Anxious to continue to develop their mission of helping children and people in distress