The association is a French NGO Immaculata independent (which has no political, religious or philosophical).


A big thank you to ALL tespecially for those who accompany us to the end of the adventure and who have contributed this year.

REMINDER: The General Meetings will take place on June 3, 2020.

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What do we do ?

We help children build their future by offering collective and individual sponsorships to donors.
We finance their education from kindergarten that they are ready "for their adult life" (eg by supporting learning, higher education ...).

We are involved in humanitarian actions very concrete directly related to children. We support in particular 4 children's homes (Formerly known as orphanages)

We are currently working with centers managed by Indian Carmelites (CSST) caring for children "on the street", in all religions Kerala and Tamil Nadu. .
We connect sponsors and Indian children through our partners.

Management Immaculata Association operates on simple principles:

Limitation of management fees

Limitation of management fees and operating at a minimum (no salary, all members are volunteers).
The annual fee of € 12 allows us to ensure the life of the association.

Transparency of accounts

We publish a CER (In resource jobs) and an account of annual profit discover these documents. Filing accounts, records of the association are open for members available on request to Mrs. Bourvis the headquarters of the association or at general meetings ...
Very important (and rare!): We want to provide the members filing receipts for expenditures made on site : Expenditures made by the Carmelite Sisters (our partners) who send us reports, receipts and copies of their invoices.

Computerized management

Made by the Management Board members is held on computer. Even for a small organization like us IT is essential, it allows us to check easily manage and present.

No commissions or fees

We send all the donations.

Tax exemption for donors:

In order to encourage donations from individuals and companies to non-governmental associations, the European states generally grant a tax deduction for payments (donations and contributions) made to our association so it is a a reduction in your income tax.

How to calculate your tax cut?

  • You are an individual:

In France: This exemption is $ 66% of donations in 20% ceiling limit of income in accordance with the law. We got the tax ruling services of Taxation to qualify for this benefit (see Chapter "Gifts"). Each country has its own rates and rules

Donate 25 euros monthly the Association Immaculata returns you to the final (net) to  € 8,50.

  • For companies :

In France: The companies subject to income tax or corporation can benefit from a tax deduction equal to 60% of the donation within a 5 ‰ ceiling (5 per thousand) of the annual turnover.


If you have any questions you can ask by e-mail: Contact address