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The children, our correspondents and the members of the Board of Directors present you their best wishes for the new year.

In the coming days you will receive Christmas letters, receipts of your donations 2018 and some news

1er Seven 2018: The news of Sr. Jose Maria:

The following children's homes have been affected by the floods:

Ancil Shaji, Gilta Cementhy, Laveena Avarev, Mary Dallet, Aleena Antony Koonammave, Shallet Sojanm, Mary Aleena Ambrose, Nixon D'cunha, Mary Sinda, Rose Priya, Magline Lidiya, Tom George, Alfin Stephen and Annerine Gonslaves

Vypeen has been flooded but there the houses are often a little elevated and therefore the water does not usually enter the houses.

Ps Varsha, Ashique, Senal and other children are still looking for godparents

The following children are affected by the flood.
Ancil Shaji, Gilta Cementhy, Laveena Avarev, Mary Dallet, Aleena Antony Koonammave, Shallet Sojanm, Mary Aleena Ambrose, Nixon D'cunha, Mary Sinda, Rose Priya, Magline Lidiya, Tom George, Alfin Stephen and Annerine Gonslaves.

Vypin area was flooded but the water did not enter their homes and had no harm to their belongings.

Love and Regards,

Sr. Jose Maria.

31 August 2018
Dear Sponsors,

In August 2018, the South Indian State of Kerala It was the worst flooding in the state in the near centaury. Massive flood across Kerala have taken the life of the 350 people and displaced over eight lakhs.

The heavy rain started on August 14th afternoon and it lasted for forty eight hours continuously. The flood was worsened when water was released from thirty four dams. The authorities were forced to open the door for the first time and this led to the major disaster.
As the water was flowing higher and higher, people were taken to different places. All the Christian Institutions were opened as relief camps. Our colleges and schools were also opened as relief centers. There was no difference between religion and they stayed together as one family under one roof.

Many of our children are affected by this flood. We visited more than thirty houses of their children and witnessed their miserable conditions. They lost all their basic amenities. The houses were filled with mud and dirt in massive amounts. Many lost their boundary walls. It takes a long time to restart a new life.

Varapusha, Muttinakam, Kothad, Cheranalloor, Vaduthala, Chittoor, Kadamakkuddy, Pizhala, Koonammave and Alwaye - Wayanad too.

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the 17 August 2018:

Since 14 August 2018 Torrential rains touch Kerala without stopping.

The island of Vypeen is ravaged by the floods many homes of our sponsored families are destroyed ... and the displaced population in makeshift camps.

the provisional balance sheet: 164 dead but the rain continues ... more than 60 000 people have been displaced.

From the water to the roof of the houses, a hospital that always works with water almost to the knees ....

Godfathers have a thought for your sponsored families and for the sisters in charge of the children.

I had a whastapp from Ronald Peters telling me that his house is destroyed that they have nothing left and his family is moved to a relief camp.

Sister Jose Maria sent me photos that I can not relay because they are protected by copyright.

The link to a tiny AFP article:

yesterday's videos

Point :


HELP_NOUS YOU CAN MAKE A DONATION that we will send in its entirety to the sisters so that they help the affected families to rebuild themselves.

is @

December 2017:

Le November 24 2017 took the placeGeneral Assembly of the Association Thank you to the members who participated.

Varsha and his brother Ashique (Twins of 14 years-Orphans) ALWAYS seek a godfather for both or for each their godmother can no longer continue

Senal (13 boy years since October 21) search also one byrain / godmother his godfather could not continue.

October 2017 -Urgent -

Varsha and his brother Ashique (Orphan) search for a sponsor for both or for each their godmother can no longer continue

March 2017:

  • Ancil (15 years) just found a THANK godparents (central Cochin)

  • Reema (11 years) has just found a godfather and godmother MERCI (center of Valparai)

February 2017:

  • Alfin (11 years) just found a THANK godparents (central Cochin)
  • Lovely (19 years) A sponsor and a godmother have just financed her last year of study of assistant pharmacy preparer (center of Cochin) THANKS MUCH MUCH

January 2017:

Happy New Year 2017

The Christmas letters of the children arrived and rerouted at their sponsors godmothers

October 2016:

We sent the transfer to India. THANK YOU!

Sponsored children have just lost their godmother ...

Summer 2016:

June: Back to school in India all the primary and secondary children you support have returned to class.

Ebin, our engineering student at the end of his master's degree, left for Canada for an internship paid by the Canadians ..... he thanks his godmothers for having accompanied him. Thank you to the godmothers, orphaned with her hardworking and voluntary mother. BRAVO EBIN

BRAVO to Stephin who started working at Dexy who became Pharmacist in Vincy who got married and finished her studies.

December 2015:

The letters of the children arrived and current diversion ...

We have just received the pictures of 2015 Christmas parties in children's homes in a few days a slideshow ...

In Valparai the surprise soon ... for the children returning from holiday ... a new TV ... (We are waiting for photos) Thank you dear Donors

MEMBERS of the Immaculata Association:

Many THANKS to you who have voted by mail and those who have moved to Rueil during theGeneral Assembly of the 30 March 2015.

THANK YOU so much for your confidence. each resolution was adopted.

We welcome a new member to the Board of the association: Blandine C., thanks to her

List of members of the new Council and function partly Reserved for members


November 29 18 -2014 December: Exhibition -Sales for the Children of the Immaculata Association

The provisional result of the exhibition: The profit of the exhibition amounts to 2 733,45 € we send to finance part of children's beds in the orphanage of Munnar ...

Thank you to the visitors who allowed us to reach this amount. Munnar is located at 1600m altitude in the mountains of Keral.

see the aid project in detail: beds for children Munnar.pdf


July-August 2014:

Good summer, Here is the slideshow of new beds for children Trissur,

A Big thank you to donors

We sent 4400 € SR Elsa for her to buy beds

to read and see: Video, moral and financial reports, letters of thanks ....

Read the rest of the article

What do we do ?

We help children build their future by offering collective and individual sponsorships to donors.
We finance their education from kindergarten that they are ready "for their adult life" (eg by supporting learning, higher education ...).

We are involved in humanitarian actions very concrete directly related to children. We support in particular 4 children's homes (Formerly known as orphanages)

We are currently working with centers managed by Indian Carmelites (CSST) caring for children "on the street", in all religions Kerala and Tamil Nadu.
We connect sponsors and Indian children through our partners.

Management Immaculata Association operates on simple principles:

Limitation of management fees

Limitation of management fees and operating at a minimum (no salary, all members are volunteers).
The annual fee of € 12 allows us to ensure the life of the association.

Transparency of accounts

We publish a CER (In resource jobs) and an account of annual profit discover these documents. Filing accounts, records of the association are open for members available on request to Mrs. Bourvis the headquarters of the association or at general meetings ...
Very important (and rare!): We want to provide the members filing receipts for expenditures made on site : Expenditures made by the Carmelite Sisters (our partners) who send us reports, receipts and copies of their invoices.

Computerized management

Made by the Management Board members is held on computer. Even for a small organization like us IT is essential, it allows us to check easily manage and present.

No commissions or fees

We send all the donations.

Tax exemption for donors:

In order to encourage donations from individuals and companies to non-governmental associations, the European states generally grant a tax deduction for payments (donations and contributions) made to our association so it is a a reduction in your income tax.

How to calculate your tax cut?

  • You are an individual:

In France: This exemption is $ 66% of donations in 20% ceiling limit of income in accordance with the law. We got the tax ruling services of Taxation to qualify for this benefit (see Chapter "Gifts"). Each country has its own rates and rules

Donate 25 euros monthly the Association Immaculata returns you to the final (net) to  € 8,50.

  • For companies :

In France: The companies subject to income tax or corporation can benefit from a tax deduction equal to 60% of the donation within a 5 ‰ ceiling (5 per thousand) of the annual turnover.


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